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This is the official website of artist, writer, and scientist, D. Jon Scott. D. J.’s interests include palæontology, palæoanthropology, palæoprimatology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, molecular biology, astrobiology, anthropology, ethology, sociology, mythology, and speculative fiction (fantasy fiction, horror fiction, and science fiction). This personal website focuses mainly on art, while the majority of D. J.’s scientific writing can be found at Genesis Panthesis

Art D’jour
Hail to the King — a piece I did back in 1995 when I was but 12 years old. It was done with a children’s 36-color marker set.

Main Areas


About D. J. Scott — all about the author.


D. J. Scott’s Artwork — my art mainpage. Here you can find both my work in the visual arts (drawing, painting, digital art, and clay modeling) and writing (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry).

D. J. Scott’s Art

Visual Arts

D. J. Scott’s Visual Arts — my drawing, painting, clay-modelling, digital art, and more!


D. J. Scott’s Writing — includes my fiction & worldbuilding, my non-fiction and informational writing, as well as my poetry.

Main Areas
About D. J. Scott
D. J. Scott’s Artwork

D. J. Scott’s Artwork
D. J. Scott’s Visual Arts
D. J. Scott’s Writing

D. J. Scott’s Writing
Fiction & Worldbuilding
Scientific Writing

D. J. Scott’s Visual Arts
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