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Parent Group

Catarrhini (Old World Monkeys)

Sister Groups

Cercopithecoidea (other Old World Monkeys)

Daughter Groups

Hominidae (Great Apes)
Hylobatidae (Lesser Apes)


Convergence or Introgression?
Could the mosaic of characteristics seen in fossil and extant hominids be evidence of past hybridization?

“Through a Glass, Darkly”
Dinosaurian hominids.


The Hominid Homepage
For all your filthy monkey-man needs.

The Hive
About the ethology of the human animal.

Religion & Spirituality
Humans and their imaginary friends.


Fossil Hominid Specimens


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Apes (Hominoids)

Embrace Your Inner Ape.
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For all your hominoid needs.

Q. What is an “Ape”?