Parent Group

Gnathostomata (“Jawed Fish”)

Sister Groups

Chondrichthyes (“Cartilaginous Fish”)

Daughter Groups

Sarcopterygii (“Lobe-finned Fish”)
Actinopterygii (“Ray-finned Fish”)


Evolution: Reptiles to Mammals
The evolutionary transition from synapsid reptiles to mammals.

Convergence or Introgression?
Could the mosaic of characteristics seen in fossil and extant hominids be evidence of past hybridization?

“Through a Glass, Darkly”
Dinosaurian hominids.


The Hominid Homepage
For all your filthy monkey-man needs.


Fossil Hominid Specimens

D. J. Scott

Osteichthyes (“Bony Fish”)

You’re Boned.
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Class Amphibia (“amphibians”)
Class Reptilia (“reptiles”)
Class Aves (“birds”)
Class Mammalia (“Mammals”)

Class Actinopterygii (“ray-finned fish”)
Class Sarcopterygii (“Lobe-finned Fish”)
Class Amphibia (“amphibians”)
Class Synapsida (“Mammals” and their ancestors, the “Synapsid Reptiles”)
Class Sauropsida (“reptiles”)

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