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Palæoboreanic Civilization & Culture


The Palæoboreanic World was home to numerous closely related civilizations and cultures, sometimes considered together somewhat inaccurately as “The Palæoboreanic Civilization” or “the Palæoboreanic culture” as if they represented a singular cultural whole (which, though not strictly accurate, is not so far from the truth).


Palæoboreanic technology eventually reached what we would likely regard as an approximately “Renaissance” level of technology before finally dying out. For more information, see Palæoboreanic technology.

Materials — The Palæoboreanic people knew how to work with a variety of metals, including gold, silver, tin, copper, bronze, brass, and iron. They could produce clear glass, legendarily attributed to a failed attempt to cast an obsidian blade, from an extremely early phase of their technological development, allowing for clear panes of glass for windows, lanters, and even spectacles.


Architecture — The Palæoboreanic people seemed to have an intuitive knowledge of arches and buttressing even from an early stage when the most "civilized" settlements were still stacking rough, unhewn stone, occasionally in combination with a cob-like mortar, for their largest and most impressive buildings. Development of vaults and domes came later. Late-stage Palæoboreanic peoples were creating large structures comparable to the architectural achievments of the ancient Greeks or Egyptians, but incorporating elements we associate more with late Medieval or early Modern architecture & decor, such as glass windows or the aforementioned domes & vaults.


The Palæoboreanic language family contained numerous languages and dialects. The original dialects of the Proto-Boreanic language, from which the main branches of the Palæoboreanic language family emerged, could be loosely classified as Urban, Sylvan, Terran, and Meran, or by region (e.g., due to trade networks, there would be certain qualities of speech that would cause some observers to perceive a singular "Urban" dialect spoken in numerous urban centers over a large area, however any given urban center would contain its own subdialect that would be in many ways more similar to the subdialects of Sylvan spoken by the woodland peoples in that region, and/or to the subdialects of Meric spoken by the seafolk who make port there, to the subdialects of Terran spoken by nearby Dwarves and miners, et cetera; thus a given local dialects place in the "dialect continuum" could be described using these "coordinates" — Southeastern Meric, Northwestern Urban, et cetera).

The Proto-Boreanic Language


For more information, see Borean Food.

Diet — Boreans ate a wide variety of foods from plant, animal, and fungal sources.

Food-getting — most Boreans in rural areas practiced substistance farming, and most hunted or engaged in some form of pastoralism (although there were religious groups that practiced vegetarianism, and in areas where those groups were particularly influential, the killing of animals for food was frowned upon). Boreans in urban areas imported most of their vegetables from surrounding rural areas, as well as some of their meats, but the majority of the meat eaten in urban areas came from local fishermen (since urban settlements were typically near substantial bodies of water). Because of the obvious differences in flavor, this created a situation in which seafood was mundane to city-dwellers yet an exotic delicacy to countryfolk, while game hunted from the land was the standard form of meat for country-dwellers but an expensive import to cityfolk (who even then typically only got to try these meats in their preserved forms).




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