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The Borean World

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Ancient Borea, or The Palæoboreanic World, refers to a period of Mediterranean history between c. 400,000 and 300,000 B.C.E.

Ancient Borea, or rather the mythological world ellucidated in The Palæoboreanica (the primary source of ancient Borean mythology) is a setting I created for The Sovereignty Cycle, with the intention of replacing the alternate history “place holder” setting I used when I began writing the first story of that series.

The Borean World is the world according to the ancient Palæoboreanic people. While at least some of the locations seem to have been based in fact (i.e., territories of neighboring and/or historical nations which actually existed), the Borean World was highly mythologized, with several foreign realms assumed to be inhabited by magical races and dangerous monsters.

Key Locations


The Eurinthian Confederacy — encompasses the entirety of the Hesperian penninsula.

The Kingdom of Reynes — encompasses the Adriatic coast of Illyria and the entirety of the Morean penninsula.


Below is fodder for an updated and more coherent universe, comprising notes from several previous stages of worldbuilding.

Part I


Œcumene (inhabited/known multiverse)

Gæa (Earth)

Manhame/Middle-earth (the mortal world / physical planet)

Part II


Middengarth (Eurasia-Africa) —

the Occident (America)

the Orient (Asia)

Part II.a.

The Borean Subcontinent

Borea — refers to the northwestern peninsulæ of Middengarth. Probably Europe.

Sutherlands — include the Occidentalian Peninsula,

The Occident / Westerlands —

Septentry / The Northerlands — the vast tundra north of the alps.

The Orient / Easterlands —

Sutherlands —

Part II.a-1.

The Easterlands

Pannonian Basin —

Part II.a-1.

The Sutherlands

Meridy — is divided into two main parts: East Meridy, which comprises The Republic of Eutopy and the sporadic Meridian Alps dotting Eutopian Republic�s landscape, clustering mainly near the west coast and northern border; and West Meridy, which comprises the Eurinthian Peninsula, Rivenleigh on the Borean mainland, both of which are part of Eurinth or the Eurinthian Confederacy, the Ophidian Alps north of Sylvany and surrounding Eurinth to the north and east as the Carpathian Alps before descending onto the Eurinthian Peninsula as the Eurinthian Penalps, the eighland of Necrosy south of Eurinth, the eighlands of BLANK and BLANK east of Eurinth dividing the Eurinthian Sea from the BLANK Sea.

Meridiony — comprises the ___ Peninsula in the north, the Meridionic Peninsula in the south, and the South Meridian and Meridionic Isles, including Meridion itself. It is bordered by ___ in the north and northeast, the (Dinaric Alps) in the northwest, bound by the South Meridian Sea to the west, the (Libyan) Sea to the south, and the Anatolian Sea to the east.

Occidentaly (Hispania) —

Orientaly (Eastern Europe) —

Part II.a-2A.)

Sylvany — is geyographically a part of Meridy and ecologically part of the same forest system as Transylvany. The area of Sylvany was originally applied to the whole forest system (and still is in other contexts), but once the immensity of this forest system was learned the term was then limited to distinguish between those parts of this forest system considered part of the land of Meridy, and those parts considered their own geyographic area. Sylvany thus over time came to be considered its own geyographical area separating Meridy from �the wilderness beyond� and bridging East and West Meridy. Sylvany opens into North Easterleigh in the west, connects with Transylvany in the east, is bound by the North Meridian Sea and the (Dinaric Alps) to the south, and includes the Sylvanian foothills and mountains as far north as the Eastern Centralian Alps.

Transylvany — is the land beyond Sylvany; the wilderness that lies above the land of Meridy. The area of Transylvany was named to distinguish between those parts of this forest system considered their own geyographic area north of Meridion, northeast of the (Dinaric Alps), and south of, or overlapping into, Centraly, and those parts considered within the realm of Meridy, simply called �Sylvany�. Transylvany is part of a slightly larger forest system known as �Sylvany Major�.

West Meridy — includes both the Meridian Isles and the Meridian Peninsula.

Part II.a-2Aα.)

Confederacy of Heirinth (Italy)

Part II.a-2Aα1.)

Padagna — includes Rivenleigh and Eridan. Probably refers to the Po Valley (Rivenleigh) and the Po Delta (Eridan).

Rivenleigh (Po Valley) —

Part II.a-2Aα1i.)

Reignleigh (West Po Valley) —

Nordreignleigh (Northwest Po Valley) —

Sudreignleigh (Southwest Po Valley) —

Midleigh (Middle Po Valley / Lombardy) —

Norsamidleigh (Northern Middle Po Valley) —

Sussamidleigh (Southern Middle Po Valley) —

Carpathian Alps (Western Alps) — round the

Western Centralian Alps (???) —

Regal Crescent (Po-side of the Western Alps) —

Crescent Downs — are the hilly grasslands and wealds where surrounding Rivenley just inward of the Regal Crescent.

Nordreyfells — lie south of the Crescentalian Alps and...

Nordreydowns —

Midreyfells (west of Cottian Alps) — lie west of the (Cottian Alps) and are separated from the (Maritime Alps) by the (Maddalena Pass), from the (Graian Alps) by the (Col du Monte Cenis), and from the (Dauphine Alps) by the (Col du Galibier).

Regan Foothills — refer to the area of the Regal Crescent in which Reigncaster diverts the Reignavon around itself, where the river itself flows down out of the (Cottian Alps).

Midreydowns (west of Cottian Foothills) —

Sudreyfells (north of Ligurian Alps) —

Sudreydowns (north of Ligurian Alps) —

(Cottian Alps) —

(Ligurian Alps) —

(Maritime Alps) —

(Graian Alps) —

(Dauphine Alps) —

(Pennine Alps) —

(Bernese Alps) —

(Lepontine Alps) —

(Glarus Alps) —

(Northeast Swiss Alps) —

Centralian Penalps —

Septentrian Penalps —

(Eastern Alps) —

Eastern Centralian Alps —

Norsam Fells —

Norsam Downs —

(Col de Tende) — separates Sudreignty Crescent Fells from (Maritime Alps).

(Maddalena Pass) — separates (Maritime Alps) from the Midreignty Crescent Fells.

(Colle di Cadibona) — separates the Sudreignty Crescent Fells, from the (Apennines).

Reignavon —

(Roya) — drains the (Maritime Alps) to the west + tributaries

(Var) — drains the (Maritime Alps) to the west + tributaries

(Verdon) — drains the (Maritime Alps) to the west + tributaries

(Stura di Demonte) — drains the (Maritime Alps) to the east + other tributaries of the Reignavon and (Tanaro)

(Tanaro) — drains the Sudreignty Fells into the Reignavon, ultimately to the North Meridian Sea.

(Durance) — and its tributaries drain the Midreignty Crescent Fells toward Dysmy.

(Arc) — and its tributaries drain the Midreignty Crescent Fells toward Dysmy.

(Dora Riparia) — and other tributaries of the Reignavon

Part II.a-2Aα1ii.)

(East Po Valley) —

Eridan (Po Delta)

Part II.a-2Aα2.)
Meridian Penninsula

Rasenna (Etruria)

Tyrseny (Campania-Lazio)


Suddene (Magna Græcia)

Eurinthian Penalps (Apennines) —

(Dinaric Alps) —

Part II.a-2Aα.)
Shardana/Sherden (Sardinia)
Part II.a-2Aα.)
Part II.a-2Aα.)

Necroy/Necrinth (Sicily)

Part II.a-2Aα.)

Sylvany (Northeast Po Valley) — lies north of the (Adriatic) Sea.

Sylvanian Pass — separates the Sylvanian Foothills from the (Dinaric Alps).

Sylvany — may also refer to the entire forest system of which the geyographical areas of Sylvany and Transylvany are both a part. To reduce confusion, the terms �Sylvanic Lands�, �Unisylvy�, or even �Sylvanity� are sometimes used instead.

Unisylvy —

Sylvanity —

Sylvanic Lands —

Sylvany Major —

Sylvany Minor —

Part II.a-2Aα.)

Freedom of Anarchy (East Italy)

Part II.a-2Aα.)

Kingdom of Reynes (Illyria-Greece / Balkans)

Holinesse (Morea)

Part II.a-1.

The Northerlands

Westernesse (Bay of Biscay)

Almain (Germany)

Septentry (Alps)

Centraly —

Dysmy — is the area northeast of the Occidentalian Peninsula and west of Crescentaly.

Part II.a-1.


Hyperborea — refers to the northernmost portions of Borea. Probably Northern Europe.

Scandian Lands (Scandinavia) — the northwesternmost peninsula of Middengarth, or the northernmost peninsula of Borea, in addition to a smaller peninsula to the south jutting from the north of Almain.

Thyilea (Denmark-Sweden) — includes

Thyle (Norway)

Thule (Iceland)

Albion (Britain)

Hyberne (Ireland)

Scandy (Scandinavia) —

Septentry —

Scandian Peninsula (Scandinavian Peninsula) —

Albion (British Archipelago) —

Septentrion (Iceland) —

Scandian Sea (Baltic Sea) —

(Gulf of Bothnia) — also known as the ___ Gulf or the Gulf of ___,

Albanian Sea (North Sea) —

(Bay of Biscay) Sea —

Part II.a-2.)

Mesogæa (Mediterranean)

Mesogæa/Middle-earth (Mediterranean)

Lyonesse (Gulf of Lion)

Meridian Peninsula (Italic Peninsula) —

Meridion (Crete) —

Mesogeyan Sea (Mediterranean) —

Thirteen Seas (Mediterranean) —

Nine Seas (Mediterranean) —

Seven Seas (Mediterranean) —

Four Seas (Mediterranean) —

Three Seas (Mediterranean) —

Three Seas (Baltic) —

Twin Seas (Mediterranean) —

Twin Seas (Baltic) —

Anatolian Sea (ægean) —

Austrean Sea (East Mediterranean) —

Dysmian Sea (West Mediterranean) — connects to the Occidentalian Sea in the southeast, to the (Balearic) Sea in the west, to the (Tyrrhenian) and (Libyan) Seas via the Necrojan Strait in the southeast, to the Sudreigntian Sea in the northeast, and to the ____ Bay in the north.

North Meridian Sea (Adriatic) —

Occidentalian Sea — connects to the (Alborean) Sea in the west, to the (Balearic) Sea in the north, and to the (West Mediterranean) Sea in the east.

Merritt Sea (Alborean) —

Orientalian Sea (Black Sea) —

(Libyan) Sea —

South Meridian Sea (Ionian) —

Meridionic Sea (Cretan) — connects to the Anatolian Sea in the north, to the (Libyan) Sea in the southwest, and to the Austrean Sea in the southeast. It is sometimes considered the southern Anatolian Sea rather than a sea in its own right.

(Marmara) Sea —

(Azov) Sea —

Sudreigntian Sea (Ligurian) —

(Tyrrhenian) Sea —

(Balearic) Sea —

Saurian Sea — is the area between the Dysmian Sea in the west, the (Tyrrhenian) Sea in the north, and the (Libyan) Sea in the southeast that occurs between Saurian Strait, the __ Strait, and the Necrojan Strait. It is sometimes considered the southeastern Dysmian Sea rather than a sea in its own right.

Meridian Strait — connects the North Meridian Sea to the South Meridian Sea.

Meridionic Strait — connects the (Libyan) Sea to the Meridionic (southern Anatolian) Sea.

Necrotic Strait — connects the Saurian Sea with the (Libyan) Sea between Saury Minor and the eighland of Necrosy.

Saurian Strait —

Part II.a-2A.)


Nyseion (Dinarides/Serbia)

Elphame (Romania-Hungary)

Orchame (Bulgaria)

Outyard (surrounding Bulgaria)

Euxine Sea (Black Sea)

Levant (Anatolia)

Saurinth (Tunisia)





Outremer/Outermer (Egypt-Jordan-Isræl)

Særkland (Middle East),

Cispadane (Lombardy)/Transpadane

Eurinth / Steninth


Albany —

Amazy —

Anatoly (Anatolia) —

Arch of (Strait of Gibraltar) — is a bridge constructed from what for centuries had been two gargantuan archways. This monstrous bridge is the marketplace, the financial district, and c0guidsquarter of

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