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The Palæoboreanic Diet

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Boreans ate a wide variety of foods from plant, animal, and fungal sources.

Note that a lot of these images are not my artwork; they are public domain illustrations that I tracked down to save myself the time of having to draw a ton of animals. I will replace these with original artwork at a later time.


Boreans ate a wide variety of animal parts and products.

For more information, see meat in the Palæoboreanic diet.

Meats — Red meats were mostly consumed by countryfolk in sparsely-populated venues. Larger, urbanized settlements got most of their red meat imported in preserved form from the country. This is because the raising of animals to be used as food was an uncommon practice.


Dairy — Most Boreans retained lactose tolerance into adulthood, however a significant minority would begin to lose lactose tolerance sometime after the onset of adolescence, while others would lose the trait far later, nearing old age.



Mushrooms & Toadstools — white mushrooms, morels, boletes, giant puffballs, chanterelles, truffles...

Yeast & Molds — just like in later H. sapiens, Boreans used yeast to rise bread and ferment ethanol.


Both trace fossils and petrified hard parts of apparently cultivated plant matter closely resembling modern produce to which it only distantly relates, including what appear domestic varieties of pomes, nuts, seedpods, legumes, roots, berries, tubers, and cereals, most interestingly exampled by ears of a non-maize corn, that exist today only in uncultivated wild populations (Ardi“ 2003) though relatives to the more common of modern cultivated plants (crabapples, pears, grenades, strawberries, grapes, turnips, cabbage, wheat, barley, rye, and many others) are attested as well (Hasim 2003), as well as chemo-fossils of hemp and opium resin (Stoner, et al. 2003) Turnips and rutabagas were a common staple food, and were used in much the same way as potatoes are today.

Roots — turnips,

Tubers — often mistaken for roots, these are actually modified rhizomes (horizontally-growing stems that spread below ground).

Bulbs — includes aromatics such as the various onions, garlics, leeks, and relatives.

Fruits — pears, crabapples, grenade pomes, strawberries, elderberries, brambleberries, redcurrants, grapes, gourds (including pumpkins, colocynths, and muskmelons)

Grains — rye, oats,

Ethanols — mead, perry, wine, beer.

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