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Meat in the Palæoboreanic Diet

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Note that a lot of these images are not my artwork; they are public domain illustrations that I tracked down to save myself the time of having to draw a ton of animals. I will replace these with original artwork at a later time.

Red Meats

Red meats were mostly consumed by countryfolk in sparsely-populated venues. Larger, urbanized settlements got most of their red meat imported in preserved form from the country. This is because the raising of animals to be used as food was an uncommon practice.

Partial fossil skeletons of butchered animals have been discovered in association with Palæoboreanic settlements, including aurochsen, buffalo, wisents, muskoxen, mouflon/musmon, argali, antelope, goats, ibexes, aoudads, Pyrenean chamois, gazelles, Cretan deer, red deer (“elk� in North America), elk (“moose� in North America), giant deer (“Irish elk�), reindeer (“caribou�), okapis, wild boar, mammoths, dwarf elephants, narrow-nosed rhinoceroses, giant unicorns, tarpans, hippopotamuses, dwarf hippopotamuses, European hippopotamuses, macaques, sea cows, walruses, European giant beavers, crocodiles, giant swans, beluga sturgeon, grey mullets, surmullets, codfish, European congers, Mediterranean morays, halibuts, anchovies, mackerels, sardines, herring, carp, wels catfish, and Deninger�s cave bear (Hardy & Fischer 2003), some of which so foreign in nativity as to be thought by their very presence indicative of extensive trade networks (Tiller & Wright 2003).

For more information, see Red Meat in the Palæoboreanic Diet.

Beef — included the meat of heavy bovids: aurochsen, buffalo, and wisents.

Mutton — included the meat of light bovids: sheep, goat, antelope, gazelles, and similar creatures.

Venison — included the meat of cervids: elk and deer.

Pork — included the meat of suiformes: boars and hogs.

Cheval — included the meat of perissodactyls: tarpans (horses) and rhinoceroses.

Oliphance — included the meat of probiscideans: elephants and mammoths.

Vermin — included the meat of rodents and lagomorphs: beavers, rats, hares, jerboa, and the like.

Other — included red meats that were difficult to fit into the above categories.

White Meat

For more information, see White Meat in the Palæoboreanic Diet.

Poultry — included the meat of birds and other diapsid reptiles.

Fish-Meat — included the meat of non-amniotic vertebrates: “fishes and amphibians”


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