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Palæoboreanic Food

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Palæoboreanic diet, cuisine, and food-getting strategies were surprisingly modern. Boreans planted crops, and hunted, fished, and trapped various animals for food.


For more information, see Palæoboreanic Diet.


ancient Boreans consumed meat, eggs, dairy, and honey.


ancient Boreans ate a variety of mushrooms, and like later H. sapiens used yeast to produce ethanol.

Plants — made up the bulk of the Borean diet. Grains, roots, tubers, leaves, fruits, and various other plant parts of numerous species were consumed.


For more information see Food-getting Strategies

Horticulture — most Borean households practiced some form of substistance farming and many small communities kept limited crops and community gardens. However, large-scale agriculture was unknown to the ancient Borean peoples.





For more information, see ancient Borean cuisine.

Meats — cuts of freshly butchered and cooked meat were occasionally served as the entrée of a meal, particularly for exceptionally wealthy individuals, however the majority of meat consumed by Boreans would have been in the form of smoked jerky, or prepared by boiling dried meat for pottage.

Bread & Cereals — numerous references exist in the recovered writings of the Palæoboreanic to various kinds of bread.

Pottage — the ancient Boreans made many different types of soup, stew, pottage, chowder, gruel, and porridge.

Beverages — the Palæoboreanic people made both tea and coffee, as well as fruit juices (though without modern preservation techniques, these were often served fresh-squeezed). Various forms of vegetable juice were also consumed. Additionally, the Palæoboreanics had learned how to produce a number of alcoholic beverages: mead was by far the most common, however beers, wines, and even some other stronger spirits were occasionally produced.


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