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Ancient Borea


Ancient Borea, or The Palæoboreanic World, refers to a period of Mediterranean history between c. 400,000 and 300,000 B.C.E.

Ancient Borea, or rather the mythological world ellucidated in The Palæoboreanica (the primary source of ancient Borean mythology) is a setting I created for The Sovereignty Cycle, with the intention of replacing the alternate history “place holder” setting I used when I began writing the first story of that series.

The Palæoboreanic Hominids — Discovery of PBH-13, the type specimen for Homo borealis, in 1997 C.E. Discovery of the lost city of Valapayo by Dr. Jenna Peterson’s team in 2008.

The Borean World — is the world according to the ancient Palæoboreanic people. While at least some of the locations seem to have been based in fact (i.e., territories of neighboring and/or historical nations which actually existed), the Borean World was highly mythologized, with several foreign realms assumed to be inhabited by magical races and dangerous monsters.

Civilization & Culture

Palæoboreanic Technology — Palæoboreanic technology eventually reached what we would likely regard as an approximately “Renaissance” level of technology before finally dying out. For more information, see Palæoboreanic technology.

Palæoboreanic Languages — The Palæoboreanic language family contained numerous languages and dialects. The original dialects of the Proto-Boreanic language, from which the main branches of the Palæoboreanic language family emerged, could be loosely classified as Urban, Sylvan, Terran, and Meran, or by region (e.g., due to trade networks, there would be certain qualities of speech that would cause some observers to perceive a singular "Urban" dialect spoken in numerous urban centers over a large area, however any given urban center would contain its own subdialect that would be in many ways more similar to the subdialects of Sylvan spoken by the woodland peoples in that region, and/or to the subdialects of Meric spoken by the seafolk who make port there, to the subdialects of Terran spoken by nearby Dwarves and miners, et cetera; thus a given local dialects place in the "dialect continuum" could be described using these "coordinates" — Southeastern Meric, Northwestern Urban, et cetera).

Palæoboreanic Food — For more information, see Borean Food.

Palæoboreanic Religion

Peoples & Races of Borean Mythology

Wights — This group includes the Mannish races (humans, dwarves, ogres), the Fairish races (Elves, Hobs, Nymphs, Huldra), and the Damned races (Orcs, undead). For more information, see Wights.

Wyrms — This group includes the Saurian Arrect (Salamanders, Varanids, Slithards, Hobyahs, Nagas) and the Dragons (Drakes, Wyverns, Amphipteres). For more information, see Wyrms.


Stories from the Palæoboreanica

The Geneticon

The Heroicon — Also known as “The Sovereignty Cycle”

Ancient Borea
The Borean World
The Palæoboreanica
Civilization & Culture
People & Races

Ancient Borea
Red the Blue Devil
The Nocturnals
The Spacebunnies
Solar Civil War
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