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Ancient Borea


The Palæoboreanic Hominids — Discovery of PBH-13, the type specimen for Homo borealis, in 1997 C.E. Discovery of the lost city of Valapayo by Dr. Jenna Peterson’s team in 2008.

The Palæoboreanic Culture — includes the palæoboreanic languages

Peoples & Races of Borean Mythology

Wights — This group includes the Mannish races (humans, dwarves, ogres), the Fairish races (Elves, Hobs, Nymphs, Huldra), and the Damned races (Orcs, undead).

Wyrms — This group includes the Saurian Arrect (Salamanders, Varanids, Slithards, Hobyahs, Nagas) and the Dragons (Drakes, Wyverns, Amphipteres).


Stories from the Palæoboreanica

The Geneticon

The Heroicon — Also known as “The Sovereignty Cycle”

Ancient Borea
Red the Blue Devil
The Nocturnals
The Spacebunnies
Solar Civil War
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Ancient Borea
The Borean World
The Palæoboreanica
People & Races