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History of the Palaeoboreanic World

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The Palaeoboreanic peoples flourished for hundreds of thousands of years.

Ist Period: Elf & Dwarf Stone Age

Date unknown — Aldelves (Proto-Elves) invent a featural alphabet with glyphs intended to serve as pronunciation aids, called the Elder-runes.

Date unknown — According to some stories, this is when the Woodelves and the Swartelves diverged.

Date unknown — Dwarves adopt the Elder-runes.

Date unknown — Dwarves teach the Aldelves how to work gold, copper, lead, silver, and tin using stone anvils and hammers.

IInd Period: Elf & Dwarf Metal Age

Date unknown — Elves discover how to smelt, melt, and cast metals, and teach this secret to the Dwarves.

Date unknown — Dwarves begin to manufacture copper tools.

Date unknown — Aldelves learn to cast bronze.

Date unknown — According to some stories, this is when the Lightelves and Darkelves diverged.

Date unknown — Darkelves make war on the other elves.

Date unknown — Dwarves invent ironworking to defeat the Darkelves.

Date unknown — Many Darkelves are driven underground.

Date unknown — Dwarves build fortresses and guardtowers around gateways to the underground, and begin their stereotypical association with quarrying and mining.

IIIrd Period: Borean Metal Age
First Borean Kingdoms & Semi-Legendary Kings

Date unknown — Early Borean Polytheism exists.

Date unknown — Orcs run rampant all over Borea.

Date unknown — [Hero #1] goes to live among the Elves and learns how to cast bronze.

Date unknown — The Orcs are driven from the land.

Date unknown — Palace of the Ward established in Eutopy.

Date unknown — [Hero #1] wants to attempt casting an obsidian blade, but realizes he can't get his material hot enough.

Date unknown — Orcs return, this time with Darkelves who enslave the Boreans.

Date unknown — [Hero #1] goes to the dwarves to learn the secrets of furnaces and kilns. In the process, he learns about iron ore-smelting and blacksmithing.

Date unknown — Orcs and Darkelves are driven from the land, Borean slaves freed.

Date unknown — [Hero #1] attempts to cast obsidian and accidentally invents clear glass.

Date unknown — The Necrophorian cult of early Borean Polytheism founded.

Date unknown — The Necrophorians begin to make war on the Elves in the north of Eutopy.

Date unknown — Kingdom of Eutopy dispossesses the Necrophorians in the north.

Date unknown — The Necrophorians begin to make war on the Eutopians.

Date unknown — The Necrophorians driven from the land by an alliance of Elves and Eutopians.

Date unknown — The Necrophorians attempt to invade Eurinth(?).

Date unknown — The Necrophorian nation of Necrinth is founded.

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