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The Damned Races

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In Palæoboreanic mythology, "The Damned Races" refers those which are considered as having an unnatural semblance of life. This includes the Undead (vampires, wraiths, revenants, and the like) as well as the Orcs (who according to legend are all descended from undead beings).


Troglodytes, or “Cavern Orcs”
Several Troglodytes are encountered on the way to Swartelphame in The Descent of the Dryad.

Trulls, or “Giant Orc”
In The Descent of the Dryad, a Trull that has been regularly feasting on a tribe of Meadow Nymphs must be defeated before the heroes can reach The Elderwood.

Drolls, or “Bugbears”
Nocturnal woodland predators known for hunting in large packs. Surprisingly, their hunting techniques are actually somewhat sophisticated: Famous for whooping and cackling like hyænas in the dark of night, they use these terrifying sounds to “herd” their quarry into positions where they can be easily ambushed.

Ettins are multi-headed Orcs who are known for hoarding treasure and living in labyrinthine subterranean dwellings. A three-headed Ettin is encountered in The Descent of the Dryad on the way to the top of Mount Everwork.

Yettins, or “Snow Orcs”
A troop of these are encountered by the heroes of The Descent of the Dryad near the top of Mount Everwork.

Ghouls, or “Carrion Orcs”
Completely blind, the Carrion Orcs “hunt” for dead flesh using their keen olfactory sense, and otherwise use a combination of sight and sound to navigate. They are assumed to use some form of echo-location to move about. A number of these are encountered by Lodin and Gail in the the first chapter of the diegesis of Chaos & Virtue.


Corporeal Undead
This group is primarily made up of the reanimated corpses of wights. It includes vampires, drow ("crypt-keepers"), mummies, and zombies. This group also includes the distant ancestors of the Orcs.

Incorporeal Undead
This group includes ghosts, phantasms, wraiths, and the like. Some of these entities aren't exactly undead per se, but instead very ancient and powerful beings who, though once corporeal, have since transcended corporeality. Very ancient vampires could be said to fit this category, as well as some of the oldest and most powerful Fairikin.

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