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Like most Palaeoboreanic epics, The Descent of the Drayad follows a fairly typical Palaeoboreanic narrative structure, containing an antegesis, imegesis, diegesis, and exegesis.

§αI: “Serenity’s Sorrow”
First chapter. Serenity grows discontent in the way of Nymphs, and begins to wish she could leave the forest live as a mortal, and have a child of her own.

§αII: “Nepenthean Eve”
Faith begins to spell a rite for her sister Serenity, to help her get over her unnatural longings.

§αIII: “Embrocation”
The conclusion of Faith's newly-wrought rite.

§αIV: “Enchantment”
Serenity happens across a Darkelf with whom she becomes enamored.

§αV: “Raven, Heroness, and Crow”
Serenity tells her Darkelf friend a story.

§αVI: “Of the Fairish Courts”
The Darkelf reveals to Serenity why he is traveling through the woodland.

§αVII: “Tombestry”
Serenity and the Darkelf meet again, and their bond grows stronger as this time Serenity dazzles him with her skills as tombester.

§αVIII: “The Hallowkells”
Charity spells another rite for Serenity.

§αIX: “Treacle and Tonic”

§αX: “Fearfullest Bliss”

§αXI: “Faith Besought”

§αXII: “Departing Paradise”

§αI: “Serenity’s Sorrow”
§βII: “Nepenthe”
§βIII: “Embrocation”
§βIV: “Enchantment”
§βV: “Raven, Heroness, and Crow”
§βVI: “Of The Fairish Courts”
§βVII: “Tombestry”
§βVIII: “The Hallowkells”
§βIX: “Treacle and Tonic”
§βX: “Fearfullest Bliss”
§βXI: “Faith Besought”
§βXII: “Departing Paradise”

The Descent of the Dryad
Επυλλιον Αλφα: Antegesis
Επυλλιον Βητα: Imegesis
Επυλλιον Γαμμα: Diegesis
Επυλλιον Δηλτα: Exegesis
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