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Chapter II: Nepenthean Eve

One sennight did the woodland age
since Serenity’s sorrow incited;
since Faith, the Dryads’ trusted sage,
her sister to Esbat invited.
And Serenity waited night after night
as the full Moon’s eve had near’d,
and gathered her hopes upon the rite
as she readied to meet her wyrd.

Copyright © 2002-2017 by Dustin Jon Scott
[Last Update: Decemberrd, 2017]


The second chapter of The Descent of the Drayad.

Version 1

A simple version written in

Version 1 Sample


Translation: The night of the next full moon, Serenity and Charity stowed away together into a dark corner of the Emerald Forest, and there Charity began to work her seid.

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Version 2

A simple version written in

Version 2 Sample


Translation: Swith upon the Emerald Forest came the sennight of the full Moon quarter; and in those first three nights, as the Moon waxed ever Her fullness nearer, Serenity’s thoughts were rested always upon her plight. For as the full Moon’s night drew evermore nigh, so too had raught itself evermore deeply into the hollow of her lonely soul the abysm that Serenity had so coldly felt aching within her. Until at last on that quarter’s fourth night, whenas the Moon rode nigh Her peak, Serenity, Harmony, and Faith stole away together into a dark corner of the wood, and found themselves a small and myrky pool by which Faith could work her seid.

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Version 3

An elaborate version written almost completely in what appears to be a derivative of Proto-Sylvanic closely related to Old Sylvanese. This language has been occasionally referred to as “Drayadic”.

Version 3 Sample


Translation: Swithly upon that hinterland skirting the frontiers of Elphame in which both the timeless lands and ceaseless worlds of Fairy and this Middle-earth crosshatch, sprawling from the illecebrous, bosk-gyven hamlets and boskets cresting the thicket-clad downs, gilded meadows and wooded heaths webbed by stilly meanders veining the moors east of the [[mountain valley]] mysty kells and ponds shaded under ferny scarps deflowed by the trickling waterfalls of inditing tarns cradled neath the vasty indomite trusses of bows that held the indescating viridity of southern Elphame aloft its virgin gledeworks climbing northward about the arboreal Elftons of Transylvany unto the roots of the craggy and riparian mountainous terrain straddled by lustrous Elphame with its BLANK castles, bridges, and both open walkways, BLANKS (crenellated rails), cols, and vaulted gimmels of arcades slithering horizontally along the hillsides bordered by perrons and vaulted stairways ascending and descending the floral scarps littered with fountains, waterfalls, and aqueducts that lay a testament to the Inner Seely Courts and betrayed their various histories in these leys since the founding of those halidom Fairmarges wherein the Emerald Forest rooted at Fairmark Brake (((adverb))) lay was the full Moon quarter come, and ever those first starry three eves that did darksome lay afore that holiest of moonlit sennights as ever Her fullness nearer the Moon Queen waxed were rested Serenity�s thoughts always upon her burdensome plight. For as evermore nigh drew the night of the full Moon�s peak, so too had evermore deeply raught the abysm Serenity so coldly aching within her felt into the miserly hollow of her woebegone soul, till finally, whenas nigh Her height in that quarter�s fourth night sailed the Moon Goddess her barque aloft pale mysts of the clouded welkin sea, stole Serenity, Harmony, and Faith together away unto a dark corner of that very wood and therein those recessed shades of the seasonless Emerald Forest�s depths spied they a small and myrky pool by which Faith could work her seid, and quickened they thereunto in the dark blue light of the moonlit night.

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Version 3

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