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Welcome to the official website of Dustin Jon Scott: artist, writer, activist, and scientist-in-training. My interests include palæontology, palæoanthropology, palæoprimatology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, molecular biology, astrobiology, anthropology, ethology, sociology, mythology, and speculative fiction (fantasy fiction, horror fiction, and science fiction).

I’m currently trying to rebuild my life after having suffered some devastating losses in my battles against public corruption in Pacific County, Washington and Lewis County, Washington. I lost a great deal of my artwork and writing during those battles, among other possessions, and was forced into homelessness by the corrupt authorities in those counties on more than one occasion. If you support the arts and sciences and disdain public corruption, please consider donating to me via PayPal or supporting me on Patreon. All donations will go toward funding my school career and giving me more time to create content.

I. Basic Information

Legal name: Dustin Jon Scott
Pronunciation: /dʌs.thɪn.dʒɔn.skhɔt/
Variants: D. J. Scott, D. Jon Scott, Jon Scott, D-Jon Scott, Dijon Scott, Dusty
Nickname(s): “Professor”, “Big D” (or “B. D.”), “Medula”, “Silent Bob”, “Trench Coat Mafia”, “Robin Hood”
Date of birth: April 19th, 1983 C.E.
Species: Homo sapiens
Gender: Male
Race: Not applicable / no such thing
Complexion: Caucasian
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Naturally blonde, currently not applicable
Height: 5’10”/70” (1.78m/178cm)
Weight: 220 lbs.(100kg)
Shoe size: 13½
Nationality: Cascadian
Politican camp(s): Libertarian Socialism (Anarchism)
Ethnicity: Choctaw, Cherokee, Scandinavian / Northern Germanic (including Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish, as well as later Icelandic, Greenlandic, and even Vinlandic), Teutonic / Southern Germanic (German), Celtic (Irish and Scottish), English, and French, that I know of.
Religion(s): No longer applicable.
Scientific inspirations: Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Albert Einstein, Diane Fosse, Jane Goodall, Stephen J. Gould, Lawrence Krauss, Louis Leakey, Mary Leakey, Richard Leakey, Sir Isaac Newton, Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson
Socio-political inspirations: Noam Chomsky, Robin Hood, Karl Marx, Aradia de Toscano, Voltaire, Malcolm X
Favorite book(s): Dracula by Bram Stoker, The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien
Favorite poem(s): Beowulf, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Divine Comedy
Favorite film(s): The Jurassic Park series, The Evil Dead series, The Star Trek series
Favorite food(s): Pizza, Cheeseburger & fries, Sushi, Gator-on-a-Stick

I.a. About My Name

My name was chosen mainly to fulfill a desire for constancy in the initials of the male members of my father’s side of the family. My father was named Donald James Scott, and his brother was named Daniel John Scott, one of his sons, Darren James Scott, and this necessitated that I carry the intitials D.J.S. To this end, I was named after the actors Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight.

I.a-1.) The name “Dustin”

From the Old Norse personal name Þórsteinn, probably from the poetic term *þorsstein, which meant “Thor’s stone”, a kenning for the legendary Hammer of Thor, Mjolnir.

The name Dustin is often erroneously listed in name etymology books and on websites as being Latin for “Brave Warrior”. While something like “Brave Warrior” was probably the name's connotation among the Normans, this is not a literal translation of the name; a much better translation would be something like “Hammer of Thor”. The Norman language, Normaund, sometimes called “Norman French”, was a Gallo-Romance language descended from Latin, but the Normans inherited the name from their Norse ancestors.

The name Þorssteinn has the modern variants Thorstein, Thorsten, and Torsten in the modern Scandinavian languages, had the Old English cognate Thurstan /θʊɾ.stən/, whence we get the Modern English name Thurston /θɚ.stən/ or /θʊs.tən/, and became Dustin /dʊs.tin/ in Normaund, and was then borrowed into English as a surname with the pronunciation /dʌs.thɪn/, whence we get the modern personal name.

I.a-2.) The name “Jon”

I.a-3.) The name “Scott”

The name Scott was originally an English surname given to Irish immigrants of Scottish herritage. It can be thought of as a back-formation from the placename Scotland. The “scot” in Scotland maybe etymologically related to English words like scathe, scythe, and possibly even sheath.

The first male member of my family to carry the name was Ira Scott, a Choctaw-Cherokee man who chose it as his legal surname for reasons unknown, which means that my father's side of the family is unrelated to other persons with this surname. I haven't been able to find his Choctaw name.

I.b.) Current Education Status

By the end of Spring Quarter 2020, I will have under my proverbial belt:

From Biology of Living Systems:

*8 upper division credits Molecular and Cellular Biology

*4 upper division credits Microbiology

*4 upper division credits Genetics

From Chemistry of Living Systems:

*12 upper division credits Organic Chemistry I with Laboratory

*12 upper division credits Biochemistry I and II with Laboratory

*6 upper division credits Science Seminar

*2 upper division credits Chemical Instrumentation

From Applied Microbiology and Organic Chemistry:

*6 upper division credits Organic Chemistry with Laboratory

*5 upper division credits General Microbiology with Laboratory

*3 upper division credits Applied Microbiology

*2 upper division credits Environmental Chemistry

From General Biology: Cells, Populations, and Ecosystems:

8 General Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology with Laboratory

4 General Biology: Plant Systems and Physiology with Laboratory

2 Quantitative Reasoning

2 Scientific Communication

From The Gene: History of an Idea:

5 Introduction to Genetics with Laboratory

5 Introduction to Molecular Biology with Laboratory

4 Seminar on History and Philosophy of Science

2 Independent Project: Mitochondrial Origin and Evolution

Highlights from Centralia College:

5 credits Anthropology: Myth, Ritual, and Magic (ANTH 235; gpa 4.0)

5 credits Cultural Anthropology (ANTH& 206; gpa 4.0)

5 credits Sociology: Social Problems (SOC& 201; gpa 4.0)

5 credits Humanities II (HUM& 117; gpa 3.3)

(Note: Physical education classes, random classes only taken to fulfill financial aid requirements, classes I dropped out of, classes I got kicked out of, and other such irrelevancies have been omitted.)


64 upper-division physical science credits

57 physical science “with Laboratory” credits

96 total physical science credits

10 cultural anthropology credits

5 sociology credits

15 total social science credits

111 grand total science credits

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