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Danni Dawson

Drawings from “The Nocturnals” — this doesn't have its own gallery yet, but you can go to the Nocturnals main page to see drawings.

Random Fantasy Drawings (1999)

Catholic Priestess Wiccan Priestess Vampire Demon Centaur Centauress Gnome Gnomette Sea Captain Mermaid Semitaur Semitauress Alien Pub Alien Hooker Dragons Fairy Easter Bunny

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I’m currently trying to rebuild my life after having suffered some devastating losses in my battles against public corruption in Pacific County, Washington and Lewis County, Washington. I lost a great deal of my artwork and writing during those battles, among other possessions, and was forced into homelessness by the corrupt authorities in those counties on more than one occasion. If you support the arts and sciences and disdain public corruption, please consider donating to me via PayPal or supporting me on Patreon. All donations will go toward funding my school career and giving me more time to create content.