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My Visual Arts

The visual arts are where I got my start, using images to tell stories before I knew how to read or write. See My Visual Arts.

Drawings — My first and favorite set of media. I first picked up a marker and began trying to tell stories at but a year old. Frustrated that my young mind could not yet grasp the concept of writing adequately enough for my purpose, I began teaching myself to draw.

The Xenozoicon (1999)

Metazoids (1999)

MB1: Acid Wasp MB2 MB2 MB3 MB4 MB5 MB6 MB6-4 MB6-4f MB7 MB8 MB9 MB10 MB11 MB12 MB13 MB14 MF1 MF1-4 MF2 MF3 MF4 MF5 MF6 MF6-4 MF7 MF8 MF9 MF9-6 MF10 MF11 MF11-4 MS1 MS2 MS2-4 MS3 MS4 MS4-5 MS5 MS6 MS7 MS8 MS9 MS10 MS11 MS12 MS12 MS13 MT1 MT2 MT3 MT4 MT5 MT6 MT7 MT8 MT9 MT9-3f MT9-3m MT10 MT11 MT12 MT13 MV1 MV2 MV3 MV4 MV5 MV6 MV7 MV8 MV9 MV10 MV11 MV12 X1 X2 X3 X4 Yelechai Shoth Yelechai Shou Kniteli X5.3 Morphos Elementos Class C Morphos Element X7 X7 Boss X7 Boss X8 X9 X9.4 X10 X10.3 X11 X+MT9+MF5 X+MT9+MS1 X+MT9+MT1

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Current Status

I’m currently trying to rebuild my life after having suffered some devastating losses in my battles against public corruption in Pacific County, Washington and Lewis County, Washington. I lost a great deal of my artwork and writing during those battles, among other possessions, and was forced into homelessness by the corrupt authorities in those counties on more than one occasion. If you support the arts and sciences and disdain public corruption, please consider donating to me via PayPal or supporting me on Patreon. All donations will go toward funding my school career and giving me more time to create content.