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The Fairish Races

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In Palæoboreanic mythology, "The Fairish Races", "Fairfolk", or "Fairikin". The Fairish races likely descend from the not-so-distant ancestor of the Borean people. Aloof, elusive, and highly magical, these creatures aren't even regarded as mortal by the Werish races, and indeed cannot die of old age.


Aldelves (Homo borealis alfus)
Sometimes called “proto-Elves”, these creatures are the progenitors of the true elves. Aldelves physically resemble attractive Boreans but with pointed ears.

Lightelves (Homo alfus albus)
The most ubiquitous of the Elves. When non-Elves speak of “Elves” without any qualifiers, it is generally assumed they are speaking primarily of the Lightelves, or at least the Lightelves are the variety that first come to mind when most non-Elves hear the word “Elf”.

Darkelves (Homo alfus creper)
According to one story, the Darkelves and the Lightelves were the two original types. According to another story, the Darkelves began as a fusion of the Moonelves and the Swartelves.

Swartelves, or “Blackelves” (Homo alfus nigrans)
Famous for smithing and all manner of metalworking, the Blackelves can often be found in association with the dwarrow.

Woodelves (Homo alfus sylvanis)
Also known as "Sylvan Elves". Of all the Elven races, the Woodelves remain the most similar to the Aldelves.

Waterelves (Homo alfus aquaticus)

Riverelves (Homo alfus aquaticus var. fluvius)

Sea-elves (Homo alfus aquaticus var. paelagius)

Redelves (Homo alfus rufus)


Hobs are diminutive Elves. They are known for being skilled magicians and craftsmen; those who do not pursue the study of magic often become shoemakers, toymakers, and tinkerers of various sorts.

These curious, often mischeivious Hobs are the most ubiquitous variety, living in both urban and rural environments, in communities and as solitary nature sprites.

Urisks or “Brownies”
Domestic Hobs who can be found living almost exclusively in communities of other races, trading services for lodging.

Drowes or “Dark Hobs”
Diminutive Darkelves.

Trowes or “Swart Hobs”
Diminutive Swartelves.




Nymphs are a parthenogenetic, all-female lineage of Elf-like hominids, classified either as a subspecies of Elf, Homo alfus nymphe or as its own distinct species, Homo nymphe. In classification systems that regard Elves as a type of Borean (H. borealis), H. borealis alfus, nymphs would either be categorized as H. b. alfus var. nymphe or perhaps as H. b. nymphe. In classification systems wherein Boreans are regarded as H. sapiens borealis, nymphs become either H. s. borealis var. nymphe or even H. s. borealis var. alfus subvar. nymphe, although this would make classification of the various subvarieties of nymph difficult to classify.

Dryads, or “Woodnymphs” (Homo nymphe dryadalis)
This group includes both Adryads (Forest Nymphs) and Hamadryads (Tree Nymphs). Hamadryads are each bound to a specific tree and will die if their tree dies, whereas Adryads are Nymphs of the Woodland and are not bound to any particular tree.

Lampads, or Underworld Nymphs (Homo nymphe rubeus)

Aulonyads, or Fieldnymphs

Alseids, or Grove-nymphs

Hydriads, or Waternymphs (Homo nymphe aquatilis)

Naiads, or Freshwater-nymphs (Homo nymphe aquatilis var. naias)

Potameiads, or Rivernymphs (Homo nymphe aquatilis var. naias subvar. potamis)

Pegææ, or Springnymphs (Homo nymphe aquatilis var. naias subvar. fontis)

Crinææ, or Fountain-nymphs (Homo nymphe aquatilis var. naias subvar. saliens)

Limnads, or Lake-nymphs (Homo nymphe aquatilis var. naias subvar. lacus)

Eleionomæ, or Marshnymphs (Homo nymphe aquatilis var. naias subvar. lama)

Nereids, or Seanymphs (Homo nymphe aquatilis var. marum)

Napæa, or Valley-nymphs

Oreads, or Mountain-nymphs


Also known as “Coblynau” or “Kobolds”. Not true Fairfolk, but hybrids of Hobs with Dwarrow.

Wise kobolds highly skilled in the magical arts.

Stereotypically mischeivious, chronically-drunk kobolds that burrow into wine cellars to steal alcohol.

Mining kobolds.

Stereotypically these creatures are lovers of gold and many take up careers as shoemakers.


Solitary goblins that reside in old mills and abandoned buildings.

Sadistic, bloodthirsty goblins.

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