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[Last Update: July 4th, 2018]

Fantasy Drawings

The Sovereignty Cycle (2000)

Drolls Drolls Drolls Drollwife

The Nocturnals (2001)

Danni Dawson Danni Dawson Danni Dawson Danni Dawson

Science Fiction

The Xenozoicon (1999)

Metazoids (1999)

MB1: Acid Wasp MB2 MB2 MB3 MB4 MB5 MB6 MB6-4 MB6-4f MB7 MB8 MB9 MB10 MB11 MB12 MB13 MB14 MF1 MF1-4 MF2 MF3 MF4 MF5 MF6 MF6-4 MF7 MF8 MF9 MF9-6 MF10 MF11 MF11-4 MS1 MS2 MS2-4 MS3 MS4 MS4-5 MS5 MS6 MS7 MS8 MS9 MS10 MS11 MS12 MS12 MS13 MT1 MT2 MT3 MT4 MT5 MT6 MT7 MT8 MT9 MT9-3f MT9-3m MT10 MT11 MT12 MT13 MV1 MV2 MV3 MV4 MV5 MV6 MV7 MV8 MV9 MV10 MV11 MV12 X1

Furries & Funny Animals

Turbo the Iguana (1992)

Turbo Turbo Rex Turbo

Primape (1994)

Primape Primape Monkape Babsape