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Anarchonauts §αI¶I. [To be finished]

Translation: “Did your grandmother ever tell you, before she passed away, how your grandfather died?” asked Richard.

Anarchonauts §αI¶II. [To be finished]

Translation: “You mean your father?” asked Edwolf, “Grandpa Victor?”.

Anarchonauts §αI¶III. [To be finished]

Translation: Richard nodded in affirmation.

Anarchonauts §αI¶IV. [To be finished]

Translation: “No. Grandma never spoke of how he died. I always assumed he died on one of his adventures.”

Anarchonauts §αI¶V. [To be finished]

Translation: “He died killing his neices and nephews,” Richard replied.

Anarchonauts §αI¶VI. [To be finished]

Translation: “That requires some context, I think,” said Edwolf.

Author’s Reference

Order of events:
1. Founding of Harker’s Croft (later shortened to “Harcroft”)
2. Building / founding of Harcroft Hollow
3. Building / founding of (Old) Crofton
4. Unpleasantness happens on the old Harcroft estate, and it is abandoned.
5. Harcroft Hollow begins to die, and most residents relocate to (Old) Crofton.
6. Edwolf’s great-grandfather, Aldrich Harker, returns to Harcroft Manor intent on restoring it.
7. Harcroft Hollow begins to rebound.
8. Edwolf’s granduncle, Rex Harker, brother of Victor Harker, experiments on his children, Edwolf’s second-cousins.
9. Edwolf’s second-cousins, the children of Rex Harker, set the fire that kill most of the Harkers.
10. Edwolf’s grandfather, Victor Harker, dies killing the sons and daughters of Rex Harker.
11. Building / founding of Crofton Hollow, as Old Crofton and Harcroft Hollow begin (again) to die.
12. Edwolf’s father, Richard Harker (sometimes called Richard Harcroft), now living in Crofton Hollow, returns to Harcroft Manor and obtains one of the seven Treasures of Air.
13. Richard Harker is forced to flee the estate after a series of paranormal incidents, and moves back to Crofton Hollow
14. Edwolf Harker, Rowan’s father, is born.
15. Edwolf goes on a quest to obtain the other Treasures of Air.

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3

§αI: “Serenity’s Sorrow”
§αII: “Nepenthean Eve”
§αIII: “Embrocation”
§αIV: “Enchantment”
§αV: “Raven, Heroness, and Crow”
§αVI: “Of The Fairish Courts”
§αVII: “Tombestry”
§αVIII: “The Hallowkells”
§αIX: “Treacle and Tonic”
§αX: “Fearfullest Bliss”
§αXI: “Faith Besought”
§αXII: “Departing Paradise”
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The Descent of the Dryad
Επυλλιον Αλφα: Antegesis
Επυλλιον Βητα: Imegesis
Επυλλιον Γαμμα: Diegesis
Επυλλιον Δηλτα: Exegesis
⚑ = You Are Here.

The Sovereignty Cycle
The Descent of the Drayad
The Phantasmata
The Book of Rowans
Chaos & Virtue
⚑ = You Are Here.

The Palæoboreanica
The Geneticon
The Sovereignty Cycle
⚑ = You Are Here.

Ancient Borea
The Borean World
The Palæoboreanica
People & Races
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Ancient Borea
Red the Blue Devil
The Nocturnals
The Spacebunnies
Solar Civil War
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