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Relative Epistemic Modality

III.b-10Bδ-β.) Relative Epistemic Modality
Sarcastic — greleghetille — /grε.lε.dʒε.tɪ.le/ — Thou goest [not] (spoken sardonically)
Facetious — grelemlhetille — /grε.lεm.jε.tɪ.le/ — Thou might go (spoken playfully/teasingly)
Infelicitous — grelemdlhetille — /grε.lεm.djε.tɪ.le/ — I hear that thou goest [and would like to know if this is true]
Felicitous — grelendlhetille — /grε.lεn.djε.tɪ.le/ — It is said [by a reputable source] that thou goest
Inferential — grelendhlhetille — /grε.lεn.ðjε.tɪ.le/ — It is inferred [by some/someone] that thou goest
Admirative — grelemghetille — /grε.lεm.ʒε.tɪ.le/ — Surprisingly [or to my surprise], thou goest
Confirmative — grelegnetille — /grε.lεg.nε.tɪ.le/ — It is confirmed/proven that thou goest

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