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The Palæoboreanica

III. Morphology
III.a. Root Construction (Root system)
III.a-1.) Consonantal (C-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-1A.) Uniconsonantal (C1-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-1A.) Diconsonantal (C2-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-1A.) Triconsonantal (C3-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-1A.) Quadruconsonantal (C4-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-2.) Syllabic (S-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-2A.) Monosyllabic (S1-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-2A.) Bisyllabic (S2-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-2A.) Trisyllabic (S3-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-2A.) Tetrasyllabic (S4-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-2A.) Pentasyllabic (S5-Type) Roots (Root system)
III.a-3.) Consonantal Versus Syllabic Roots
III.a-4.) Polytypical (P-Type) Roots
III.b. Variational Paradigms
III.b-1.) Root Variations (Root system)
III.b-1A.) Parenthetical Suppletion: Onset & Coda (Root system)
III.b-1B.) Nuclear Suppletion (Root system)
III.b-1C.) Primary Root Derivations: Class (Root system)
III.b-1D.) (Secondary Root Derivations: Intensity (Root system)
III.b-1E.) Primary & Secondary Root Derivation in Nouns (Root system)
III.b-2.) Primary Lexical Derivations
III.b-3.) Nominal vocality (Nouns)
III.b-4.) Nominal number (Nouns)
III.b-5.) Nominal derivations (Nouns)
III.b-6.) Nominal derivational vocality (Nouns)
III.b-7.) Nominal derivations & dual numerality (Nouns)
III.b-8.) Case (Nouns)
III.b-8A.) Central Declesions (Nouns)
III.b-8Aα.) Primary Central Declensions (Nouns)
III.b-8Aβ.) Secondary Central Declensions (Nouns)
III.b-8Aγ.) Tertiary Central Declensions (Nouns)
III.b-8Aδ.) Quaternary Central Declensions (Nouns)
III.b-8B.) Peripheral Declensions (Nouns)
III.b-8Bα.) Primary Peripheral Declensions: Postpositional case (Nouns)
III.b-8Bβ.) Secondary Peripheral Declensions: Conjunctive suffixes (Nouns)
III.b-9.) Verbal vocality (Verbs)
III.b-10.) Tense (Verbs)
III.b-10A.) Tensile Aspect (Verbs)
III.b-10B.) Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bα.) Narrative Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bβ.) Alethic & Non-Alethic Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bγ.) Speculative Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bδ.) Epistemic Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bδi.) Summative Epistemic Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bδii.) Relative Epistemic Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bε.) Sensory-Evidential Epistemic Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bε.) Deontic Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bεi.) Volitive Deontic Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bεii.) Directive Deontic Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bζ.) Interrogative Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10Bη.) Attributive Modality (Verbs)
III.b-10C.) Time (Verbs)
III.b-10D.) Perfectivity (Verbs)
III.b-10E.) Telicity (Verbs)
III.b-10F.) Predicative Aspect (Verbs)
III.c. Particular Conjunctions
III.d. Adverbial Subordinates

III. Morphology

Root Construction
Variational Paradigms
Particular Conjunctions
Adverbial Subordinates
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Phylogeny & Distribution
Phonology & Orthography
Morphosyntactic Alignment
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Old Borean
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Writing Systems
Spoken Languages
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Civilization & Culture
Borean Technology
Borean Food
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Ancient Borea
The Borean World
The Palæoboreanica
Civilization & Culture
People & Races
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Ancient Borea
Red the Blue Devil
The Nocturnals
The Spacebunnies
Solar Civil War
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