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Peripheral Declensions

III.b-8B.) Peripheral Declensions


III.b-8Bα.) Primary Peripheral Declensions: Postpositional Case
UbiquitousRadinidepaoAll around the light
?RadinidepikaAt / toward the light
ProximalRadinidepiAll around the light
PersuantRadinidepuUpon / near the light
DistributiveRadinidepweiPer light / for each light
SublativeRadinidepitukaTo [the destination of] the light
TerminalRadinidepitukuUnto [the location of] the light
PosteriorRadinidembaBehind/after the light
AnteriorRadinidembuIn front of / before the light
DesiderativeRadinideboFor the light
CausalRadinidebaaBecause of the light
PurposiveRadinidebaoFor reason of the light
BenefactiveRadinidebuFor the light
ProsecutiveRadinideveuThrough / by way of / using the light
IllativeRadinidempuInto the light
InessiveRadinidempiIn / inside of the light
DiapedetiveRadinidemivuThrough the light
AversiveRadinidefobaFor fear of the light
InvocativeRadinidenamuIn the name of the light
SurpassiveRadinidevei[Going] by the light
ProlativeRadinideviaBy way of the light
ProlativeRadinidevieBy means of the light
InstructiveRadinideviiBy means of / in the manner prescribed by the light
InstrumentalRadinidevuuUsing the light
Causal-finalRadinidebuvaFor want of the light
AssociativeRadinidewaiWith the light
ComitativeRadinideweiTogether / in company with the light
DativeRadinidetuTo the light
LativeRadinidetoTo/into the light
EquativeRadinidemisaAs the light
Co-temporalRadinidetsiAt the time of the light; as [of] the light
EssiveRadinidetsuAs long as the light; to the point that the light ends
GenitiveRadinidedaOf/from the light
DelativeRadinidembasaiOff of the light
SociativeRadinidemawiTogether/companioned with the light
TranslativeRadinidenumuTo/into [being] the light
Translative 2RadinidenumaFrom [being] the light
AbessiveRadinidengwiLacking the light
ElativeRadinidempasaaOut of the light
DelativeRadinidesadaIssued from the light
AblativeRadinidembashaOff of the light
PossessiveRadinidekaOf the light
DedativeRadinidekiRelating to the light
TopicalRadinidekaoIn the matter of the light
RespectiveRadinidekaiRegarding the light
AffectiveRadinidekuTo [or from the perspective of] the light
?RadinidembisaFrom the outside of the light
ExteriorRadinidempikaWithout / outside of the light
ExcessiveRadinidempikuTo the outside of of the light
Post-temporalRadinidetsaAfter/eft the light
Post-temporalRadinidetsaiAt the time of the light
Pro-temporalRadinidetsuaBefore/ere the light
InitiativeRadinidetsuoAt the beginning of, and causal to, the light
TerminativeRadinidetiruUntil the light
SuperessiveRadinidehaiOn/upon the light
HyperessiveRadinideheiOver the light
AdessiveRadinidehiAtop/on top of the light
AllativeRadinidehiuOnto the light

III.b-8Bβ.) Secondary Peripheral Declensions

These declensions are applied either to the noun or the pronominal suffix of the verb, depending on whether the conjunction applies to the individual[s], or whether the conjunction applies to the action[s]. There is no conjunctive agreement between the agent of a verb and the verb’s pronominal suffix. If a pronoun is used to refer to a verb’s agent, and a conjunction is needed, the pronoun cannot simply be dropped, as it would be in most other cases, as inflecting the verb’s pronominal suffix with a conjunctive suffix would indicate that the conjunction applied to the verb rather than the pronoun.

Conjunctive suffixes should only be used when conjoining two nouns having the same relationship to a verb (“Jack and Jill went up the hill...”), two verbs having the same relationship to a noun (“Jack went up the hill and fetched a pail of water”), or both (“Jack and Jill went up the hill and fetched a pail of water”). Conventions for conjoining what might otherwise be separate sentences (“Jack went up the hill, and Jill fetched a pail of water”) are similar to the conventions used in English and most other languages. More specifically, the conjunctions used for this purpose are not conjunctive inflections, or any kind of inflection at all, but independent words — just as they are in English. These non-inflective conjunctions are not discussed in this section in any depth, but see particular conjunctions for more details.

Correlating conjunctive suffixes

Radillhendmhei — Both the light [and...]
Radillheldlhei — Either the light [or...]
Radillhelnhei — Neither the light [nor...]
Radillhelcmhei — Whether the light [or...]
Radillhelnhi — Not the light [but...]

Coordinating conjunctive suffixes

Radillhentmhai — And the light
Radillheltlhai — Or the light
Radillhelnhai — Nor the light
Radillhentlhai — But the light

A correlating conjunctive suffix must always be placed on a word preceding a word inflected with a coordinating conjunctive suffix. For example, the form Dzaecillu Dzilillantmhai, literally, “Jack and Jill”, is completely unacceptable, while the form Dzaecillundmhei Dzilillantmhai, literally, “both Jack and Jill”, is the proper construction. Whenever two words are conjoined, each word must be inflected with a conjunctive suffix. It is important to stress that this applies only to correlating conjunctive suffixes and coordinating conjunctive suffixes, and not to subordinating conjunctive suffixes or particular conjunctions.

The same rules that apply to correlating conjunctive suffixes and coordinating conjunctive suffixes also apply to subordinating conjunctive suffixes, except that [1] subordinating conjunctive suffixes can only be applied to the pronominal suffixes of verbs, and [2] subordinating conjunctive suffixes are only applied to a single word.

Subordinating conjunctive suffixes

? Temporal subordinating conjunctive suffixes

Radelaanenilletsai — Eft it shone; after it shone
Radelaanenilletsui — Ere it shone; before it shone
Radelaanenilletsei — Whilst it shone; whenas it shone
Radelaanenilletsii — As it shone; while it shone
Radelaanenilletsaa — Sith it shone; since it shone
Radelaanenilletsuu — Till it shone; until it shone

? Causal subordinating conjunctive suffixes

Radelaanenilledlhia — Because it shone
Radelaanenilledlhaa — Sithence it shone
Radelaanenilletsmhaa — Now that it shone
Radelaanenilletslhaa — As/because it shone
Radelaanenillebhlhoa — In order that it shone
Radelaanenillebhlhoi — So [that] it shone

? Oppositional subordinating conjunctive suffixes

Radelaanenillenlha — Although it shone
Radelaanenillenlhai — Though it shone
Radelaanenillenlhae — Even though it shone
Radelaanenillentlhai — Whereas it shone
Radelaanenilletslhai — While it shone

? Conditional subordinating conjunctive suffixes

Radelaanenillephai — An it shone / if it shone
Radelaanenillenhphai — Unless it shone
Radelaanenillectmhai — Whether or not it shone
Radelaanenillephlhai — Even if it shone
Radelaanenillencmhai — In case it shone
Radelaanenillephobaa — Lest it shone; for fear that it shone

III.b-8Bγ.) Tertiary Peripheral Declensions
Aversive — Radinnephobaa — For fear of the light
Causal — Radinnebaa — Because of the light
Purposive — Radinnebao — For reason of the light
Benefactive — Radinnebu — For the light

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