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The Palæoboreanica

III.b-10F.) Predicative Aspect
Momentane — Radelenamille — I flash (sometimes known as the punctual predicative aspect)
Semelfactive — Radelenaamille — I flash many times all at once; I flash many times “all in one swoop”
Simulfactive — Radelenaamhiallea — We both flash at once; we both flash simultaneously
Iterative — Radelenaemille — I shine/radiate/flash over and over again
Repetitive — Radelenaimille — I repeatedly shine/radiate/flash; I strobe
Experiential — Leneradelaunau- — [I] have shone/radiated before (dœs not work well in simple present)
Habitual — Radelenaomille — I often shine/radiate; I am used to shining/radiating
Usitative — Radelanaomille — I used to shine/radiate (past tense of the habitual predicative aspect)
Indicative — Radelenemille — I shine/radiate [currently; at this general point in time]
Conative — Radeleneamille — I try/attempt to shine/radiate
Contrastive — Radeleneemille — I shine/radiate more brightly
Alternative [1] — Radeleneimhialle — We shine one after another
Alternative [2] — Radeleneimille — I shine/radiate [and [another verb]] in succession
Distributive — Raduleneimille — I shine upon/lighten [some things] one by one (affects the plural noun)
Perdurative — Radeleneumille — I shine/radiate for an unusually long duration
Terminative — Radeleneomille — I finish shining/radiating; I completely and wholly/totally radiate/shine
Incompletive — Lenheradeleneo- — [I] partially / incompletely radiate/shine; I do not finish shining/radiating
Adjective — Radelenimille — I am shining/radiating (does not imply progressive tensile aspect)
Apparentive — Radeleniamille — I appear to shine; I look shiny
Comparative — Radeleniemille — I am shinier/more radiant
Generic — Radeleniimille — I shine/radiate/standout; I am radiant/radical/tenacious/brilliant/bright
Superlative — Radeleniumille — I am shiniest/brightest/most radiant
Inchoative — Radeleniomille — I become shiny/radiant/radical/brilliant/bright
Durative — Radelenumille — I shine/radiate for a time; I shine/radiate for [some span of time]
Delimitative — Radelenuamille — I shine/radiate for a bit; I shine/radiate for a little while
Pausative — Lenuaradelenhe- — [I], for a little while, do not shine/radiate
Continuative — Radelenuemille — I keep shining/radiating; I continue to shine/radiate
Cessative — Lenheradelenue- — [I] do not keep shining/radiating; I cease shining/radiating
Perfective — Radelenuimille — I shine/radiate as/in synchronization with [event/occurrence + aspect]
Protractive — Radelenuumille — I shine/radiate for an indefinitely long duration, possibly forever
Superfective — Radelenuomille — I keep shining/radiating far after/further than the time/place to cease
Inceptive — Radelenomille — I begin/start to shine/radiate
Recessive — Lenoradelenhe- — [I] begin/start to not shine/radiate; I cease/stop shining/radiating
Prospective — Radelenoamille — I am fixin’ to shine/radiate; I am going to radiate/shine
Utilitative — Radelenœmille — I shine/radiate so there will be light for myself or others
Intentional — Radelenoimille — I intentionally shine/radiate; I shine/radiate for a reason
Accidental — Lenheradelenoi- — [I] accidentally shine/radiate [and call unwanted attention to myself?]
Resumptive — Radelenoumille — I resume shining/radiating; I keep shining/radiating
Excessive — Radelenoomille — I excessively shine/radiate; I shine/radiate too brightly

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