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Proto-Borean Tenses

III.b-10.) Tense
III.b-10A.) Tensile Aspect
III.b-10B.) Modality
III.b-10Bα.) Narrative Modality
III.b-10Bβ.) Alethic & Non-Alethic Modality
III.b-10Bγ.) Speculative Modality
III.b-10Bδ.) Epistemic Modality
III.b-10Bδi.) Summative Epistemic Modality
III.b-10Bδii.) Relative Epistemic Modality
III.b-10Bε.) Sensory-Evidential Epistemic Modality
III.b-10Bε.) Deontic Modality
III.b-10Bεi.) Volitive Deontic Modality
III.b-10Bεii.) Directive Deontic Modality
III.b-10Bζ.) Interrogative Modality
III.b-10Bη.) Attributive Modality
III.b-10C.) Time
III.b-10D.) Perfectivity
III.b-10E.) Telicity
III.b-10F.) Predicative Aspect

III.b-10.) Tense

Just as the concept of “tenses” the English language conflates time with aspect, tense in the Proto-Borean language represents a complex interaction between tensile aspect, modality, time, BLANK aspect, telicity, and predicative aspect.

III.b-10A.) Tensile Aspect
Simple — Raderenemille — I learn/evolve
Emphatic — Reneraderenemille — I do learn/evolve
Perfect — Reneraderanemille — I have learnt/evolved

III.b-10B.) Modality

Modality in the Proto-Borean language.

III.b-10Bα.) Narrative Modality
Indicative — Radelenetille — Thou shinest
Energetic — Radelehetille — Thou dost shine; thou certainly shinest
Declarative — Radelebhetille — Thou shinest!
Capacitative — Radelechetille — Thou canst shine
Radeledretille — Thou darest shine
Requisitive — Radeleldetille — Thou needest shine
Negative — Radelenhetille — Thou shinest not
Oppositional — Radeledetille — Thou de-shinest; thou darkenest
Subjunctive Radelmhenetithe That thou [wouldst/shouldst/might] shine
Remotive Subjunctive — Radelmheunetille[phai] — [If] thou shone

III.b-10Bβ.) Alethic & Non-alethic Modality
Alethic Narrative — Radelenetille — Thou shinest
Non-Alethic Narrative — Radelenlhetille — Thou shinest [because I refuse to believe otherwise]

III.b-10Bγ.) Speculative Modality
Hypothetical — Radelemlhetille — Thou might/may be shining
Presumptive — Radelemmhetille — Thou might shine
Tentative — Radelemhetille — Thou wouldst shine
Tentative Eventive — Lecgheradelemhetille — Thou wouldst likely/probably shine
Potential — Radelechmhetille — Thou couldst shine
Potential Eventive — Lecgheradelechmhetille — Thou couldst probably/likely shine
Conditional — Radeleshmhetille — Thou shouldst [in that case] shine

Tensile Aspect
Predicative Aspect
⚑ = You Are Here.

Variational Paradigms
Root Variations
Primary Lexical Derivations
Nominal Vocality
Nominal Number
Nominal Derivations
Nominal Derivational Vocality
Nominal Derivations & Dual Numerality
Verbal Vocality
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Root Construction
Variational Paradigms
Particular Conjunctions
Adverbial Subordinates
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Phylogeny & Distribution
Phonology & Orthography
Morphosyntactic Alignment
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Borean Food
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Writing Systems
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Civilization & Culture
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Ancient Borea
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Ancient Borea
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