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The Proto-Sylvanic Language

Note that for the Proto-Boreanic language below, speakers would have either said (the part in parentheses [or) the part in brackets], but not both. Thus, "(uhu[n)uhu]" indicates the word would have been pronounced either as "uhun" or "nuhu".

  • Proto-Boreanic - *(a[n)a]-(uhu[n)uhu]-(iohe[n)ehio] or *(iohe[n)ehio]-(uhu[n)uhu]-(a[n)a]
    • West Boreanic - *an(a)-uhun(u)-iohen(io) or *iohen(io)-uhun(u)-an(a)
      • Proto-Montane - *an(a)-uŋy(u)-ior(io)
        • Proto-Ogrish - *an-uŋr-ior
      • Proto-Chthonic - *ioln(io)-uhrun(u)-an(a)
        • Proto-Dwarvish - *iodr(io)-uhr(u)-an(a)
    • East Boreanic - *(a)na-(u)nuhu-(io)nehio or *(io)nehio-(u)nuhu-(a)na
      • Proto-Sylvanic - *(a)na-(u)ru-(io)lio
        • Common Sylvanic - narulio
          • Old Sylvanese - naroliu
            • Middle Sylvan - laroliu
              • Late Sylvan - laroleu
                • Common Fairish - laroyeu
          • Old Elven - velunarulio
            • Old Lightelven - veyunaruwio
            • Old Darkelven - væyinaliyeo
            • Old Woodelven - velonaroliu
          • Old Seelie - naruyio
        • Dark Sylvanic - *an-ur-iol
      • Proto-Borean - *lio-ru-na
        • Old Borean - lio runa or lio naru
          • Middle Borean - leu runa or leu naro
            • Late Borean
              • Old Reynese
          • Trinitarian - lio runayio or lio naruyio
          • Mortiferean
        • Proto-Nomadic - *lio-runa
          • North Nomadic - lioruna
          • South-Nomadic - lio runa
    • South Boreanic*an(a)-uhun(u)-(io)nehio or *iohen(io)-(u)nuhu-(a)na
      • Proto-Orcish - *æn(æ)-əŋ(ə)-(ia)ria
        • Old Orcan - *ænəŋria
        • Old Ortch - *næŋri
      • Proto-Merran - *ior(io)-(u)ñu-(a)na

Proto-Boreanic Constructions

FormCase(1st pers.)(2nd pers.)(3rd pers.)
Form 1Nom:imi-eleiti-eleiki-ele
Form 2Nom:ele-imiele-itiele-iki

Form 1imi-eleunu-ereiki-ene
Form 2ele-imiere-unuene-iki
Hybrid 1imi-eleere-unuiki-ene
Hybrid 2ele-imiunu-ereene-iki

Form 1ara-udu-eleara-udu-ereara-udu-ene
Form 2ele-udu-araere-udu-araene-udu-ara
Hybrid 1ara-udu-eleere-udu-araara-udu-ene
Hybrid 2ele-udu-araara-udu-ereene-udu-ara

Old East Boreanic

FormCase(1st pers.)(2nd pers.)(3rd pers.)
Form 1Nom:mi-leti-leki-le
Form 2Nom:le-mile-tile-ki

Form 1mi-lenu-reki-ne
Form 2le-mire-nune-ki
Hybrid 1mi-lere-nuki-ne
Hybrid 2le-minu-rene-ki

Form 1ra-du-lera-du-rera-du-ne
Form 2le-du-rare-du-rane-du-ra
Hybrid 1du-ra-lere-du-radu-ra-ne
Hybrid 2le-ra-dura-du-rene-ra-du

The earliest attested Lineage B language was Old Borean.

The language spoken by the Elves and sylvan-folk was a Lineage B, Form 1 language.

The languages spoken by the stepps nomads were Lineage A, Form 2 languages.

Many languages spoken throughout Borea were Lineage A, Hybrid 1 languages.

Many languages spoken throughout Borea were Lineage A, Hybrid 2 languages.

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