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D. J. Scott
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Construction Notice

I’m currently in the process of simplifying and streamlining my website, as if it wasn’t ’90s enough before. I’ll be gutting code for optimized browser cross-compatibility, with the added benefit of slightly faster loading times (although my website code was nearly bare HTML before so loading time was never an issue). Ideally these simplifications will have the side-effect of making my website easier to view on a smart phone, although it wouldn’t be terribly oldschool of me to be motivated by such things.


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D. Jon Scott’s Oldschool Website

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D. Jon Scott’s Artwork

I first picked up a marker and began to draw at but a year and a half old. Frustrated that I could not yet wrap my young mind around reading and writing, I began drawing pictures in an effort to tell the stories I had in my head. That was the beginning of a life-long love affair with the visual arts, particularly drawing and writing.

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D. Jon Scott’s Science

My passion. What I live for. It was age two whenas first I declared my desire to be a palaeontologist (which at the time, I pronounced “pay-wee-ont-aw-woe-jist”). My love of the sciences has expanded considerably since that time. Whether natural, “hard” science, or social, “soft” science, I love it all. As well as the humanities, which I consider to be anthropologies of sorts.

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Protoplanetary Particle Accretion Simulation
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D. Jon Scott’s College Papers

I was quite proud of a few of these. Worried they might never otherwise see the light of day, I decided to preserve them here for posterity.

[Centralia College] [The Evergreen State College]
“In the Crosshatch”
“Out of the Broom Closet”
“Encountering Yahoocentrism”
Beowulf: A Primordial Horror”
“How Urbanization has Changed Us”
“Through a Glass, Darkly”
“Fear of the Feminine”
“Putting Humans in Their Place”
“From Progressive Evolution to Opportunistic Evolution”