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The Palæoboreanica

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The Palæoboreanica is the name given to the collective mythological works of the Palæoboreanic peoples. The Boreans were apparently aware of the existence of, and interacted with, other hominid species, as their mythology contains frequent references to, and even prominent characters of, a number of humanoid races.

The Geneticon / Mythicon

The Mythicon is the “Old Testament” of Palæoboreanic mythology, and chronicles the creation of the universe up until the establishment of the socio-political regions and conditions present at the beginning of The Sovereignty Cycle

The Book of Origins — describes the origin of the Gods, of the œcumene, the Earth, life, and Wights (humanlike creatures).

The Book of Generations

The Heroicon / Sovereignty Cycle

The Sovereignty Cycle is sometimes referred to as “the New Testament” of Palæoboreanic mythology. It chronicles the rise and fall of a power that calls itself The Sovranty, and questions where ”true’ sovereignty lies: with the state, or with the individual.

Voyage of the Anarchonauts / The Anarchonauticon — young Richard Harcroft (Mkotayu Naraogaatu) runs away from home to seek out an ancient artifact, the Windstaff (Akariadiyi). He meets the captain of the Anarchon, a woman named Stormy (Kariya) the Red, and makes fast-friends with her son, Rowan.

The Descent of the Dryad — Fairytale Phantasy. A Forest Nymph named Serenity finds herself discontent with immortality, and after falling in love with a mortal, sets upon a deadly, perilous quest to attain at any cost from those who govern the world�s natural forces whatever quality of mortality may allow her to leave the forest and raise a family with her new-found love, accompanied along the way by many friends and impeded at every turn by savage monsters, bloodthirsty fiends, and sadistic sprights bowned to dismember, flay, and disembowel anyone foolish enough to pervade their chaudron-strewn and bloodied lairs.

Elvenwars — Sword & Sorcery. The Unseely Court, under the evil Darkelven princess, Lilithena (Lilitaniya) moves to seize control of the Fairlands, and civil war breaks out among the Fairikin. Serenity, now named Larissa Rowanswife, and her daughter, young Kyrathigatra (Kiridekatara) Rowansdottir, are kidnapped by Darkelves. Rowan and his best friend, Rioric, travel beyond the Worldmarch into the Fairlands to get Larissa and Kyra back.

Initiations — Mannerpunk Phantasy. Kara (Kariya) Rowansdottir embarks upon the pilgrimmage to Holinesse and trains to become a priestess. Lodin (Lodiyu) graduates from his monastarial training and embarks upon his first quest as a full-fledged paladin / warrior-priest (Valatanuyeu). Jady (Zhadiya) Rowansdottir runs away from home and joins a thieves’ guild.

The Phantasmata — Dark Phantasy. Jady (Zhadiya) and Abigail (Akanaraya) decide to plunder the tomb of legendary treasure hunter Richard Harcroft.

Chaos & Virtue — Sword & Sorcery / High Fantasy. The priestess (Valanaya), Kara (Kariya), sends her betrothed, Lodin (Lodiyu), with a company of warrior-priests / paladins (Valatanuyeu), to Necropolis (Takanipayo) in order to combat the Mortiferean Knights (Takunitanuyeu) who had reportedly been seen sailing for the island, and who were assumed to be re-establishing themselves at the old Mortiferean Temple with the intent of raising the Death-God, Mortifer (Takaberuyu).

Rhapsody’s End — High Fantasy.

Hellscape — Bangsian Phantasy. Lodin’s descent into the Underworld.

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