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The Palæoboreanica

Copyright © 2001-2020 C.E. by Dustin Jon Scott


The Palæoboreanica is the name given to the collective mythological works of the Palæoboreanic peoples. The stories span over 50,000 years of the Borean’s written history, from the invention of written language until the collapse of their civilization.

The Boreans were apparently aware of the existence of, and interacted with, other hominid species, as their mythology contains frequent references to, and even prominent characters of, a number of humanoid races, including analogues of Elves, Dwarves, Ogres, Nymphs, and Hobs.

The Geneticon

The most foundational myths of the Palæoboreanic peoples. These books establish the cosmology and ecology of the Palæoboreanic world.

The First Sidhean Chronicle

I Sidhes §α: Protegesis — The Book of Origins
I Sidhes §αI: The Cosmogenesis
I Sidhes §αII: The Geogenesis
I Sidhes §αIII: The Biogenesis
I Sidhes §αIV: The Anthropogenesis
I Sidhes §αV: The Alfogenesis
I Sidhes §αVI: The Nymphogenesis
I Sidhes §β: Antegesis — The Book of Courts
I Sidhes §βI: The Founding of the Sidhe
I Sidhes §βII: The Generations of the Sidhe
I Sidhes §γ: Diegesis — ?
I Sidhes §γI: The Schizm of the Fairish and Werish Courts
I Sidhes §γII: The Alliance of the Swartelves and the Dwarrow
I Sidhes §γIII: The Fairish Sidhe / First Fairish Court
I Sidhes §γIV: The Creation of the Orcs
I Sidhes §γV: The Schizm of the Elves and the Darkelves
I Sidhes §γVI: The Founding of the Seely and Unseely Courts
I Sidhes §γVII: The Alliance of the Elves and the Dwarrow
I Sidhes §γVIII: The New Sidhe

The First Fairish Chronicle

I Fayes §α: Protegesis — The Book of Origins
I Fayes §αI: The Cosmogenesis
I Fayes §αII: The Geogenesis
I Fayes §αIII: The Biogenesis
I Fayes §αIV: The Anthropogenesis
I Fayes §αV: The Alfogenesis
I Fayes §αVI: The Nymphogenesis
I Fayes §β: Antegesis — The Book of Courts
I Fayes §βI: The Founding of the Sidhe
I Fayes §βII: The Generations of the Sidhe
I Fayes §βIII: The First Sidhean Schizm
I Fayes §βIV: The Fairish Sidhe / First Fairish Court
I Fayes §βV: The Second Sidhean Schizm
I Fayes §βVI: The Unseely Court

The Darkelfish Chronicle

Darkelves §α: Protegesis — The Book of Origins
Darkelves §αI: The Cosmogenesis
Darkelves §αII: The Geogenesis
Darkelves §αIII: The Biogenesis
Darkelves §αIV: The Alfogenesis Senioris
Darkelves §αV: The Alfogenesis Umbrae
Darkelves §β: Antegesis — The Book of Courts
Darkelves §βI: The Founding of the Sidhe
Darkelves §βII: The Generations of the Sidhe
Darkelves §βIII: The Sidhean Schizm

The Elder Borean Chronicle

Boreans §α: Protegesis — The Book of Origins
Boreans §αI: The Cosmogenesis
Boreans §αII: The Geogenesis
Boreans §αIII: The Biogenesis
Boreans §αIII: The Anthropogenesis
Boreans §β: Antegesis — The Transalpine Catabasis
Boreans §βI: The Frozen North
Boreans §βI: The Great Migration

The Followers of Mortifer

Mortifereans §α: Protegesis — The Book of Origins
Mortifereans §αI: The Genesis
Mortifereans §αII: The Domination
Mortifereans §αIII: The Foundation
Mortifereans §β: Antegesis — The Rise of Cthonicus
Mortifereans §βI: Words go here
Mortifereans §βI: Words go here

The Demonicon

The Book of Spirits.

The Heroicon

A later series of myths concerning culture heroes. These stories take place significantly later than those of the Geneticon and like Arthurian legend or the Christian New Testament, already looked back on a long and complicated history. The events of the Geneticon were already mythology (albeit oft-considered history) by the time of the earliest stories of the Heroicon.

The Anarchonauticon
Edwolf Richardson returns to his family home after the death of his father, Richard Victorson, and learns his grandfather, Victor Aldrichson, had obtained one of the lost Treasures of Air, along with a map to the locations of the other six treasures. Edwolf then embarks upon a quest to obtain these six treasures.

Anarchonauts §α: Antegesis — The Return
Anarchonauts §αI: Fatality
Anarchonauts §αII: Crofton Hollow
Anarchonauts §αIII: Harcroft
Anarchonauts §αIV: Letter from Victor Aldrichson
Anarchonauts §αV: The Legend of Dragoneye
Anarchonauts §αVI: Meeting with the Captain
Anarchonauts §β: Imegesis —
Anarchonauts §βI: Disembarkment
Anarchonauts §γ: Diegesis —
Anarchonauts §γI: Words go here
Anarchonauts §δ: Exegesis —
Anarchonauts §δI: Words go here

Descent of the Dryad
Discontent with her existence as a Woodnymph, Serenity embarks upon a quest to become mortal.

Dryad §α: Antegesis — Rending Agnoses (start here if you like Ab ovo)
Dryad §αI: Serenity’s Sorrow [v1]
Dryad §αII: Nepenthean Eve [v1]
Dryad §αIII: Embrocation [v1]
Dryad §αIV: Charismata [v1]
Dryad §αV: Raven, Heroness, and Crow [v1]
Dryad §αVI: Of the Fairish Courts [v1]
Dryad §αVII: Tombestry [v1]
Dryad §αVIII: The Hallowkells [v1]
Dryad §αIX: Departing Paradise [v1]
Dryad §β: Imegesis — Euricies of Purgation (start here if you like In media res)
Dryad §βI: The Somberwood [v1]
Dryad §βII: Raptrices of the Thorn [v1]
Dryad §βIII: Antigregation [v1]
Dryad §βIV: The Garden Lightmote [v1]
Dryad §βV: Underwending the Bruindowns [v1]
Dryad §βVI: Shroomseid Forest [v1]
Dryad §βVII: Under Incession [v1]
Dryad §βVIII: Swartelphame [v1]
Dryad §βIX: Ascension [v1]
Dryad §γ: Diegesis — (start here if you really like In medias res)
Dryad §γI: The Elderwood [v1]
Dryad §γII: Distributary Bourn [v1]
Dryad §γIII: Mirthmoor [v1]
Dryad §γIV: The Black Drake of Grimcarr [v1]
Dryad §γV: Den of the Bruinhawk [v1]
Dryad §γVI: Bruindown Falls [v1]
Dryad §γVII: Requiem Oakhaven [v1]
Dryad §γVIII: Endurance Lorn [v1]
Dryad §γIX: Bruindown Falls [v1]
Dryad §γX: Serenity’s Sacrifice [v1]
Dryad §δ: Exegesis
Dryad §δI: Passing Away [v1]

The Book of the Elvenwar
Only three years after Serenity was rescued by Rowan, war breaks out between the Fairlands and the surrounding nations of Borea.

Elvenwar §α: Protegesis — Descent of the Dryad (start here if you like backstory)
Elvenwar §αI: Serenity’s Sorrow [v2]
Elvenwar §αII: Departing Paradise [v2]
Elvenwar §αIII: The Somberwood [v2]
Elvenwar §β: Imegesis (start here if you like Ab ovo)
Elvenwar §βI: Abduction [v1]
Elvenwar §γ: Diegesis (start here if you like In medias res)
Elvenwar §γI: Into the Fairrealms [v1]
Elvenwar §γI: The Rebellion [v1]
Elvenwar §γI: The Revelation [v1]
Elvenwar §δ: Exegesis
Elvenwar §δI: Passing Away [v2]

The Book of the Initiations
Some words should probably go here eventually.

Initiations §α: Imegesis —
Initiations §αI: Lodin’s Initiation
Initiations §αII: Kira’s Initiation
Initiations §αIII: The Incident
Initiations §αIV: Jading
Initiations §αV: Runaway
Initiations §αVI: The Pilgrimage
Initiations §β: Diegesis
Initiations §βI: Jady’s Initiation
Initiations §βII: Kira and Kara’s Dedication
Initiations §βIII: Jady’s Return
Initiations §βIV: Kira’s Dissertation
Initiations §βV: Kira’s Re-Initiation
Initiations §βVI: Rejoinder
Initiations §βVII: Words go here
Initiations §βVIII: The Campaign
Initiations §βIX: The Samelf & the Half-Ogre
Initiations §βX: Den of the Kremlach
Initiations §γ: Exegesis
Initiations §γI: Words go here

The Phantasmata
Serenity’s daughter, Jady, discovers she has a long-lost sister, and together they plan to plunder the abandoned Harcroft Estate, last inhabited by Jady’s grandfather, Edwolf Richardson.

Phantasmata §α: Protegesis — The Elvenwar
Phantasmata §αI: Abduction [v2]
Phantasmata §αI: Into the Fairrealms [v2]
Phantasmata §αI: Passing Away [v3]
Phantasmata §β: Antegesis (start here if you like Ab ovo)
Phantasmata §βI: Candleton [v1]
Phantasmata §βII: Serendipity [v1]
Phantasmata §βIII: Sisters [v1]
Phantasmata §βIV: Beckoning the Betrothed [v1]
Phantasmata §βV: Reunion [v1]
Phantasmata §βVI: Return to Dunstoke [v1]
Phantasmata §βVII: The Death of Edwolf Richardson [v1]
Phantasmata §βVIII: Word of Adventure [v1]
Phantasmata §βIX: Of Riches in the South of Easterleigh [v1]
Phantasmata §γ: Imegesis — The Journey (start here if you like Ab ovo)
Phantasmata §γI: The Haunting of Harcroft Hollow [v1]
Phantasmata §γII: Domicile [v1]
Phantasmata §δ: Diegesis — Harcroft Hollow (start here if you like In medias res)
Phantasmata §δI: Old Crofton [v1]
Phantasmata §δII: The Harcroft Estate [v1]
Phantasmata §ε: Exegesis
Phantasmata §εI:
Phantasmata §εII:

The Book of Thieves
The kingdom of Eurinth is invaded by Mortifereans in the southwest while the Unholy Court’s forces pour forth out of the Fairlands in the northeast, and both converge on the Freedom of Anarchy (a hitherto apoloticial “neutral zone”), where a rebellion soon forms.

Thieves §α: Antegesis
Thieves §αI: Passing Away [v4]
Thieves §αII: The Reunion [v2]
Thieves §αIII: Domicile [v2]
Thieves §αIV: The Harcroft Estate [v2]
Thieves §αV: Phantasmata
Thieves §αVI: The Specter’s Trove
Thieves §β: Diegesis
Thieves §βI: Hostelry [v1]
Thieves §βII: The Awakening [v1]
Thieves §βIII: Redoubt [v1]
Thieves §βIV: The Escape [v1]
Thieves §βV: Refuge [v1]
Thieves §βVI: The Elven Village [v1]
Thieves §βVII: Decamping [v1]
Thieves §βVIII: The Victors [v1]
Thieves §βIX: Day Break [v1]
Thieves §βX: Departing [v1]
Thieves §βXI: The Chase [v1]
Thieves §βXII: Sterling [v1]
Thieves §βXIII: Candleton [v1]
Thieves §βXIV: Jail Break [v1]
Thieves §βXV: The Ruins of Wartok’nor [v1]
Thieves §βXVI: Hathor [v1]
Thieves §βXVII: The Arrival [v1]
Thieves §βXVIII: Scavengers [v1]
Thieves §βXIX: Reconnaissance [v1]
Thieves §βXX: Reinforcements [v1]
Thieves §βXXI: Battle Plan [v1]
Thieves §βXXII: Insurrection [v1]
Thieves §γ: Exegesis
Thieves §γI: The Battlefield [v1]
Thieves §γII: Refugees [v1]
Thieves §γIII: The High Priesthood [v1]

The Book of the Necropolitan
After strange ships are spotted sailing toward the dread Island of Necropia, the High Priesthood of Holinesse decides to send an army of Paladins and volunteers to Necropolis in order to secure the gate to the Underworld.

Necropolitan §α: Protasis/Antegesis —
Necropolitan §αI: Lamentations [v1]
Necropolitan §αI: The Mission [v1]
Necropolitan §β: Catabasis/Imegesis — Paladin’s Quest
Necropolitan §βI: Road to Necropolis [v1]
Necropolitan §βI: Bourasque [v1]
Necropolitan §βII: Tempest [v1]
Necropolitan §γ: Epitasis/Protegesis — The Necropolis
Necropolitan §γI: Aftermath [v1]
Necropolitan §γII: Temptation [v1]
Necropolitan §γIII: Enticement [v1]
Necropolitan §γIV: Artifice [v1]
Necropolitan §γV: Acquisitions [v1]
Necropolitan §γVI: The Boneyard [v1]
Necropolitan §γVII: The Temple of Mortifer [v1]
Necropolitan §γVIII: Catacombs [v1]
Necropolitan §δ: Anabasis/Diegesis — Indulgences
Necropolitan §δI: Caravan [v1]
Necropolitan §δIII: Barrage [v1]
Necropolitan §δIV: Bay City [v1]
Necropolitan §δV: The Competition [v1]
Necropolitan §δVI: Round Two [v1]
Necropolitan §δVII: The Seduction [v1]
Necropolitan §δVIII: Encounter [v1]
Necropolitan §δIX: The Dragonkeeper [v1]
Necropolitan §δX: Den of the Fafnir [v1]
Necropolitan §δXI: Contiguity [v1]
Necropolitan §δXII: Confontration [v1]
Necropolitan §δXIII: Destiny’s Darkness [v1]
Necropolitan §δXIV: Violations [v1]
Necropolitan §δXV: Stronghold [v1]
Necropolitan §ε Catastasis/Exegesis —
Necropolitan §εI: The Occupation [v1]
Necropolitan §εII: The Paladin’s Ghost [v1]

Chaos & Virtue
The kingdom of Eurinth is invaded by Mortifereans in the southwest while the Unholy Court’s forces pour forth out of the Fairlands in the northeast, and both converge on the Freedom of Anarchy (a hitherto apolitical “neutral zone”), where a rebellion soon forms.

C&V §α: Protegesis (start here if you like backstory)
C&V §αVI: The Somberwood
C&V §αVII: The Eyght of Harrowden
C&V §αVIII: The Garden Lightmote
C&V §αIX: Shroomseid Forest
C&V §αX: Under Incession
C&V §αXI: The City of Swartelphame
C&V §α: Antegesis (start here if you like Ab ovo)
C&V §βI: Passing Away [v5]
C&V §βII: The Reunion [v3]
C&V §βIII: Domicile [v3]
C&V §βIV: The Harcroft Estate [v3]
C&V §βV: Phantasmata [v3]
C&V §βVI: The Specter’s Trove [v3]
C&V §β: Diegesis (start here if you like In media res)
C&V §βI: Temptation [v2]
C&V §βII: Hostelry [v2]
C&V §βIII: Artifice [v2]
C&V §βIV: Acquisitions [v2]
C&V §βV: The Arising [v2]
C&V §βVI: Catacombs [v2]
C&V §βVII: Redoubt [v2]
C&V §βVIII: The Escape [v2]
C&V §βIX: Caravan [v2]
C&V §βX: Conference [v2]
C&V §βXI: The Elven Village [v2]
C&V §βXII: Refuge [v2]
C&V §βXIII: Barrage [v2]
C&V §βXIV: Decamping [v2]
C&V §βXV: Bay City [v2]
C&V §βXVI: The Victors [v2]
C&V §βXVII: Day Break [v2]
C&V §βXVIII: The Competition [v2]
C&V §βXIX: Departing [v2]
C&V §βXX: Round Two [v2]
C&V §βXXI: The Chase [v2]
C&V §βXXII: The Seduction [v2]
C&V §βXXIII: Sterling [v2]
C&V §βXXIV: Encounter [v2]
C&V §βXXV: Candleton [v2]
C&V §βXXVI: The Dragon Slayer [v2]
C&V §βXXVII: Jail Break [v2]
C&V §βXXVIII: The Ruins of Wartok’nor [v2]
C&V §βXXIX: Den of the Fafnir [v2]
C&V §βXXX: Hathor [v2]
C&V §βXXXI: The Arrival [v2]
C&V §βXXXII: Contiguity [v2]
C&V §βXXXIII: Scavengers [v2]
C&V §βXXXIV: Confrontation [v2]
C&V §βXL: Reconnaissance [v2]
C&V §βXLI: Reinforcements [v2]
C&V §βXLII: Battle Plan [v2]
C&V §βXLIII: Insurrection [v2]
C&V §γ: Exegesis
C&V §γI: The Battlefield [v2]
C&V §γII: Refugees [v2]
C&V §γIII: The High Priesthood [v2]

§β Diegesis
§βI: Entry
§βII: Underworld


These books are the “hidden writings” or “secret texts” of the Palæoboreanic mythology.

The Book of Erotomancy
This book is a collection of romantic and/or erotic stories either based upon or representing alternate versions of stories from the heroicon.
Erotomancy §α: Protegesis — Rending Agnoses
Erotomancy §αI: Serenity’s Sorrow [vX]
Erotomancy §αII: Nepenthean Eve [vX]
Erotomancy §αIII: Embrocation [vX]
Erotomancy §αIV: Charismata [vX]
Erotomancy §αV: Raven, Heroness, and Crow [vX]
Erotomancy §αVI: Of the Fairish Courts [vX]
Erotomancy §αVII: Tombestry [vX]
Erotomancy §αVIII: The Hallowkells [vX]
Erotomancy §αIX: Departing Paradise [vX]
Erotomancy §β: Antegesis — The Descent of the Dryad
Erotomancy §βI: Shroomseid Forest [vX]
Erotomancy §γ: Intregesis — Anarchy
Erotomancy §γI: Disembarkment [vX]
Erotomancy §δ: Imegesis — Initiations
Erotomancy §δI: Kara’s Initiation [vX]
Erotomancy §ε: Hemegesis — Jady’s Journey
Erotomancy §εI: Hostelry [vX]
Erotomancy §εII: Sisters’ Eve [vX]
Erotomancy §ζ: Transegesis — Corruptions
Erotomancy §ζI: The Temptation [vX]
Erotomancy §ζII: Enticement [vX]
Erotomancy §ζIII: The Seduction [vX]
Erotomancy §ζIV: Fornications [vX]
Erotomancy §η: Diegesis —
Erotomancy §ηI: Words go here
Erotomancy §θ: Exegesis —
Erotomancy §θI: Words go here
Erotomancy §ι: Extregesis —
Erotomancy §ιI: Words go here

Characters from the Palæoboreanica

Jazaraya “Zhadiya” Raadinayana
Translation: Jazara “Jady” Rowan
Born: Capricorn, VII 4615

Rikariya “Kariya” Raadinayana
Translation: Rikara “Kara” Rowan
Born: Aries, VII 4616

Lavoriya “Voriya” Raadinayana
Translation: Lavora “Vora” Rowan
Born: Leo, VII 4617

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Author’s Note(s)

Author’s note #1: This is first and foremost a worldbuilding and conlanging project, and is intended to be enjoyed primarily by individuals with something of a background in classic literature, literary criticism, linguistics, cultural anthropology, archaeology, palaeontology, and evolutionary biology. This is not some YA fantasy series intended for light bedside reading. This is written at an adult level. This is something you probably will not enjoy unless you’ve had some higher education in at least some of the fields mentioned, are decently self-educated, or perhaps are just an intellectually tenacious youth willing to put some work in. This particular project is an indulgence; it is not intended necessarily for “the public” to enjoy, it is intended for people like me to enjoy.

Author’ note #2: The Palæoboreanica and palæoboreanic mythology features prominently in The Nocturnals, and the Palæoboreanica therefore serves as a companion piece to those stories.

Author’s note #3: Many of these stories are re-purposed from more of a playful romp I began writing in my late teens. The original world they took place in was a D&D-esque pseudo-medieval future world. Then I realized that had already been done before. I was just going to scrap the project altogether. Then I decided instead to create a fictional hominid species in the ancient past to serve as human-surrogates, and have them co-inhabit the Earth with other hominid species. Dwarves and Ogres could be small and large Neanderthals. Conspiracy theorists might speculate that Elves are proof that Nordic aliens were visiting Earth in ancient times. Then I spent the next several years worldbuilding and conlanging. But, more about that at the main page. The point is, what I’ve uploaded here represents many layers of revision and re-worldbuilding, and still includes stuff from the very earliest phases; that playful romp I began writing as a teenager; a lot of (I think intentionally?) cringey stuff (as was popularly considered humorous in the late 90s) written by late-teenage me.

Author’s note #4: Now that I’ve contracted such a bad case of worldbuilder’s syndrome that I’ve decided to make this primarily a worldbuilding and conlanging project, I’ve decided to do alternate versions of many of the chapters; I set about writing versions in plain, simple language intended to have been translated from later Palæoboreanic languages and dialects, and some versions of certain stories in far more ornate, flowery, archaic prose, reminiscing dialects ranging from Jacobean to Victorian, representing translation from more ancient Palæoboreanic languages and dialects in my conlang-family. In addition, I wanted to write both more serious versions of, and also continue and/or finish, the older, more playful versions of the stuff I began as a teenager, but pull it more in-line with more recent versions of my worldbuilding (basically just tweak the setting and delete/change some characters). Much of that work is still ahead of me, however. I have also written some new stuff in the newer version of the worldbuild. Even way back in the early phases I began writing as a teenager, I had planned to do an epistolary-novel sort of thing, having different stories written as if by characters in the story, with simple or ornate prose appropriate to how that character might be expected to write, and possibly even replicate the effect of many different individuals’ grammatical/syntax patterns/choices (I kind of wanted to do this to push myself as a linguist).

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