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I. Newtonian Physics
I. Particle Physics
I. Quantum Physics
I. The Standard Model
I.a Quantum Field Theory
II. Particles
II.a. Hadron Particles
II.a-1.) Baryons & Mesons
II.a-2.) Protons & Neutrons
II.a-3.) Proton
II.a-3.) Neutron
II.a. Lepton Particles
II.a-1.) Electron-like vs, Neutrino
II.a-2.) Electronic, Muonic, & Tauonic
II.a-3.) Electron
II.a-3.) Electron Neutrino
II.a-3.) Muon
II.a-3.) Muon Neutrino
II.a-3.) Tau
II.a-3.) Tau Neutrino
III.) Darkmatter & Dark Energy
III.a.) Darkmatter
III.a-1.) Extra-Dimensional Matter
III.a-2.) More Probable Matter
III.a-3.) Darkmatter as Tachyons
III.a-4.) Darkmatter as Antimatter
III.a-5.) Darkmatter as Virtual Particles
III.a-6.) Darkmatter as Decayed Matter




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I. Particle Physics

By PoorLeno (talk) - the English language Wikipedia (log).Original text: I created this work entirely by myself. References:Forinash, Kyle. Hydrogen W Simulation. Indiana University Southeast. Retrieved on 2008-12-18.Tokita, Sumio; Sugiyama, Takao; Noguchi, Fumio; Fujii, Hidehiko; Kobayashi, Hidehiko (2006). "An Attempt to Construct an Isosurface Having Symmetry Elements". Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan 5 (3): 159164. DOI:10.2477/jccj.5.159., Public Domain, Link

I. The Standard Model

I.a. Quantum Field Theory

II. Particles

All matter that we know of is made of three types of particle:

Electron, Up Quark, Down Quark

Electron & Nucleus

II.a. Hadron Particles

Nucleus = Nucleon particles

Nucleus = Hadron particles

II.a-1.) Types of Hadron: Baryon & Meson

Baryon (triquark) = 3 Quarks

Meson = 1 Quark + 1 Antiquark

II.a-1.) Two types of Baryon: Neutron & Proton

Neutron = 1 Up Quark + 2 Down Quarks

Proton = 2 Up Quarks + 1 Down Quark

II.a. Lepton Particles

Three generations: Electronic, Muonic, Tauonic

Electron-like (Charged Leptons) vs. Neutrino (Neutral Leptons)

II.a-1.) Electron-like vs. Neutrino

Electron-like (Charged Leptons) vs. Neutrino (Neutral Leptons)

II.a-1.) Electronic, Muonic, & Tauonic


II.a-1.) Electron

Charged Electronic Lepton

II.a-1.) Electron Neutrino

Neutral Electronic Lepton

II.a-1.) Muon

Charged Muonic Lepton

II.a-1.) Muon Neutrino

Neutral Muonic Lepton

II.a-1.) Tau

Charged Tauonic Lepton

II.a-1.) Tau Neutrino

Neutral Tauonic Lepton

II.a. Bosons & Fermions


II.a-1.) Bosons

Bosons obey Bose-Einstein statistics

Higgs boson

II.a-1.) Fermions

Fermions obey Fermi-Dirac statistics