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I. What is a Primate?
II. Convergent Evolution
II.a. With Other Groups
II.b. Among Daughter Groups
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§ Artwork
Educational Drawings
Primates from “Fur University”
Other Random Cartoon Primates


Convergence or Introgression?
Could the mosaic of characteristics seen in fossil and extant hominids be evidence of past hybridization?

“Through a Glass, Darkly”
Dinosaurian hominids.


The Hominid Homepage
For all your filthy monkey-man needs.

The Hive
About the ethology of the human animal.

Religion & Spirituality
Humans and their imaginary friends.


Fossil Hominid Specimens


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For All Your Primate Needs
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For all your hominid needs.

Q. What is a “Primate”?

Diagnostic Criteria



PMO 214.214, Darwinius masillae — Main slab. © Jens L. Franzen, Philip D. Gingerich, Jörg Habersetzer1, Jørn H. Hurum, Wighart von Koenigswald, B. Holly Smith.

Convergent Evolution

With Other Groups

TalkersHomo sapiensCorvidae
Tool-usersHominidaeCorvus moneduloides
Long-fingersDaubentonia madagascariensisScansoriopteryx heilmanni
Color-seersMost primatesMost birds

Arboreal Origins of Primates & Paraves

Aye-aye hand Scansoriopteryx

Among Daughter Groups

Bibliography & Works Cited

§ Artwork

See also: D. Jon Scott’s Artwork & My Portfolio.

Educational Drawings

At various phases in my life I’ve aspired to be a palæo-artist, especially when I was in my teens and pre-teens. I think I was planning to use some of these for an early version of Our Family Tree back when I was still working on Genesis Panthesis.

Primates from “Fur University” (ca. 2000 ~ 2001 C.E.)

Drawings I did for a webcomic I was planning but never got off the ground. Friends of mine had suggested I try my hand at furry art, and this was my brief foray into that genre.

• Other Random Cartoon Primates

Mostly just doodles, some the beginnings of what were to become web graphics.