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The Book of Rowans

Copyright © 2002-2017 by Dustin Jon Scott
[Last Update: Decemberrd, 2017]

Like most Palaeoboreanic epics, The Book of Rowans follows a fairly typical Palaeoboreanic narrative structure, containing an antegesis (pre-story), imegesis (in-story), diegesis (through-story), and exegesis (out-story).

by Rowanby Lyrian
AirAra & Fara (Vara)
--Lara & Lora
Earth“Jady” Zara

Reference for Borean Astrological Signs
English translation(s) of Borean name(s)European name
The Ram; The Wellspring; The CobraAries
The AurochsTaurus
The Twins; The LoversGemini
The Waterer; The Tempest; The Lightning-BearerAquarius
The Amphiptere; The Centaur(ess)Sagittarius
The Serpent’s Tongue; The CrabCancer
The LionLeo
The GuiverDraco

Birth Order & Occuptations

1. Born 4613 [/] Rakira/Kira (red hair, green eyes) — priestess

2. March 1st 4614 [06] Rilara/Lara & Lelora/Lora (black hair, blue eyes) — oracle

3. December 21st 4615 [08] Jazara/Zara ”Jady“ (white hair, green eyes) — thief

4. April 4616 [05] Rokara/Kara (red hair, blue eyes) — priestess

5. August 13th 4617 [04] Lavora/Vora (red hair, green eyes) — huntress

6. September 31st 4618 [12] Valira/Lira (blonde hair, blue eyes) — spy

7. October 31st 4619-20 [10] Razora/Zora (blonde hair, green eyes) — assassin

8. December 1st 4621 [01] Disara/Sara (white hair, red eyes) — huntress

9. July 1st 4622 [09] Mamara/Mara (black hair, green eyes) — serpentologist / chemist

10. September 1st 4623 [02] Vivira/Vira (brown hair, green eyes) — herbalist

11. Jan-Feb 4625 [07] Lamira/Mira (white hair, blue eyes) — painter, scryer

12. April-May 4626 [03] Kitara/Tara (brown hair, blue eyes) — wrangler

13. May-Jun 4627 [11] Riyara/Ara & Havara/Vara (blonde hair, each has 1 green & 1 blue eye; RG-LB Ara & RB-LG Fara) —


Επυλλιον Αλφα: Antegesis
The antegesis (pre-story) is an abridged version of Voyage of the Anarchonauts.

Επυλλιον Βητα: Imegesis
The imegesis (in-story) is an abridged version of The Descent of the Dryad, but with some very important differences.

Επυλλιον Γαμμα: Protegesis
The protegesis (fore-story) is an abridged version of The Phantasmata focusing on

Επυλλιον Δηλτα: Diegesis
In the diegesis (through-story),

Επυλλιον Εψιλον: Exegesis
In the exegesis (out-story),


Lilariya & Leloriya “Lariya & Loriya” Raadinayana
Translation: Lilara & Lelora “Lara & Lora” Rowan
Born: March 1st, VII 4614

Jazaraya “Zhadiya” Raadinayana
Translation: Jazara “Jady” Rowan
Born: December 21st, VII 4615

Rikariya “Kariya” Raadinayana
Translation: Rikara “Kara” Rowan
Born: April 1st, VII 4616

Lavoriya “Voriya” Raadinayana
Translation: Lavora “Vora” Rowan
Born: August 13th, VII 4617

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