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Drawings from “The Sovereignty Cycle”

Copyright © 1999-2020 C.E. by Dustin Jon Scott

These are illustrations I drew for a series of novels I was writing from 2000 C.E. to 2013 C.E. (which I plan to finish now that I�ve got the files off of the crashed hard-drive I had the documents stored on). For more information, see Fiction & Worldbuilding: The Sovereignty Cycle.

Inspirations included The Epic of Gilgamesh, Homer�s Illiad & Odyssey, Beowulf, the Poetic Edda, Snorri Sturluson�s Prose Edda, Jacobus da Varagine�s Golden Legend, Dante Alighieri�s Divine Comedy, Bram Stoker�s Dracula, and Eric R�cker Eddison�s The Worm Ouroboros.

Lodin Lodin

Lodin — The main character of Temptations of a Paladin and Hellscape, and one of the main characters in Chaos & Virtue. see also Characters of “The Sovereignty Cycle”.


Alyssandra — see also Characters of “The Sovereignty Cycle”.


Gail — see also Characters of “The Sovereignty Cycle”.


Serenity — see also Characters of “The Sovereignty Cycle”.


Troglodyte (Orcus troglodytes) — .


Troglodytess (Orcus troglodytes) — .


Mycoids (Myco sapiens) — .


Drolls (Orcus ferox) — .


Drollwife (Orcus ferox) — .


Trull (Orcus tenebricosus) — .


Trullmaid (Orcus tenebricosus) — .


Yettins (Orcus alpinus) — .


Ettin (Orcus polycephalus — .

Green Drake

Sylvan Drake (Cleopteryx viridis — .

Red Drake

Fire Drake (Cleopteryx phoenicus) — .

Red Drake

Swamp Drake (Cleopteryx coracinus) — .

Grey Drake

River Drake (Cleopteryx pullus) — .

Yellow Drake

Sand Drake (Cleopteryx cereus) — .

Brown Drake

Mountain Drake (Cleopteryx glandes) — .

Gilded Drake

Scarp Drake (Cleopteryx aureus) — .

Blue Drake

Sea Drake (Cleopteryx cumatilis) — .

White Drake

Snow Drake (Cleopteryx albus) — .

Tarasque Tarasque

Tarasque (Dracotortuca gargantua) — .

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Current Status

I’m currently trying to rebuild my life after having suffered some devastating losses in my battles against public corruption in Pacific County, Washington and Lewis County, Washington. I lost a great deal of my artwork and writing during those battles, among other possessions, and was forced into homelessness by the corrupt authorities in those counties on more than one occasion. If you support the arts and sciences and disdain public corruption, please consider donating to me via PayPal or supporting me on Patreon. All donations will go toward funding my school career and giving me more time to create content (i.e., my goal is to be able to quit the part-time job that's paying for my housing, so that I might instead spend more of my time outside of school writing and creating art).