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The Spacebunnies


A team of superheroines who travel the universe fighting space evil. Inspirations included Lost in Space, the original Star Trek, Space Ghost and The Herculoids, Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000, Airplane II: The Sequel, Howard the Duck, Spaceballs, Amazon Women on the Moon, Felix the Cat: The Movie, Earthworm Jim, The 5th Element, Starship Troopers, and Futurama.


In the distant future, there exist humanoid beings that look like idealized humans, but if viewed at the microscopic level, are made of nanobots rather than cells. These beings, called humanoids, are grown like human embryos in human surrogates and then raised by human parents, such that they eventually develop humanlike language skills and an intuition for human behavioral nuance. These humanoids were created as part of a government program to create super-soldiers and super-spies. Eventually the program was gutted, and the humanoids who were not yet fully-grown were sold off to weapons dealers or worse, sextoy purveyors. Five of the gynoids (female humanoids) repurposed and sold as sex-robots rebel against their human slavemasters and strike out on their own to travel the universe fighting space evil.


Planet XXX — a large contact binary planet and home of the Space Bunnies.

Earth Junior — the home of the United Systems government.

The Team

MB1: Acid Wasp MB1: Acid Wasp

Candace “Kandi” Quasar — the pink bunny; codename: “Cowgirl”. MiTech® gX v2.5ω Gynoid LPM. This model was designed with emphasis on both combat and espionage, with espionage skills emphasizing charisma and seduction.

Born to wealthy human parents living outside of New Dallas, Earth Jr. When Veronica’s parents learned that the program was being scrapped and that their daughter was going to be sold off as an advanced sex toy, they instead made use of their more illicit connections to have the Space Pirates smuggle her out of United Systems -controlled space.

Alexis “Lexi” Lepton — the gold bunny; codename: “Princess”. MiTech® gX v2.6.9δ Gynoid DLX-CM. This model, while capable of combat and espionage, was designed as a "luxury model" for high-end clients to use as personal bodyguards / pleasure-bots.

Born to wealthy parents on Mars.

Miranda “Randi” Photon & Amanda “Mandi” Photon — the blue bunnies; codename: “Tomboys” MiTech® gX v2.8β Gynoid XPM. This model was designed with emphasis on combat, specifically in the areas of strength and endurance.

This birth was not anticipated to be twins. Interestingly, the twins can communicate telepathically and function as two bodies sharing a single consciousness.

Veronica “Ronni” Tron — the green bunny; codename: “Schoolgirl” MiTech® gX v2.7α Gynoid XL.

MB1: Acid Wasp

Ecstasy "Staci" Starborn — the purple bunny; codename: “Mistress”

Rival Teams

The Space Bunnies weren’t the only MiTech® gynoids to strike out on their own. Some took a far harsher stance against their human oppressors, while others returned to work for the humans to combat the gynoid uprising, thus working in a capacity ironically similar to what the humans initially had in mind for the MiTech® gynoids.

MB1: Acid Wasp

The Space Kittens — fight for law & order, and are working with the humans to get the gynoid uprising under control. As such, they often come into conflict with both the Space Bunnies and the Space Vixens. Sometimes, however, the Space Bunnies will team up with the Space Kittens to defeat the Space Vixens.

MB1: Acid Wasp

The Space Vixens — fight to overthrow the human oppressors, as well as all the anthropomorphic biological organisms. Sometimes they even have a grudge against all biological life. As such, they often come into conflict with both the Space Bunnies and the Space Kittens. Sometimes, however, the Space Bunnies will team up with the Space Vixens to defeat the Space Kittens.

Space Creatures

Numerous creatures live in space, including on planets, which are also in space.

Space Rat Space Rat

Space Rats — one of the more common species in the galaxy, these pests fly around in tiny saucers which attach to ships and drill into the hulls, allowing the Space Rats access to the juicy insides.

Random Space Creatures Random Space Creatures Piranha Frog

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