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Here are some of my videos. Though I’ve been making videos since I was a small child, those were all on now long-lost VHS tapes. Some of my more recent work can be found below. If you like my videos, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.


Intro / Title Sequence — Closer to what I'm driving at, but still too long. I'll probably end up deleting the videos I added this to, at some point. Probably after I come up with a much-truncated version.

Science Videos

Overview of Eocene Equids — Just a brief overview of what was going on in the Eocene with the Palaeotherids (version 2.0).
Mammarama: https://genesispanthesis.org/mam.html

Mammals! in a Nutshell — A highly derived group of synapsid reptiles, the mammals or "milk-lizards" have evolved to fill numerous ecological niches and have produced one of the most invasive multicellular organisms the world has ever seen.
Mammarama: https://genesispanthesis.org/mam.html

Atheism Videos

How I Became an Atheist

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Current Status

I’m currently trying to rebuild my life after having suffered some devastating losses in my battles against public corruption in Pacific County, Washington and Lewis County, Washington. I lost a great deal of my artwork and writing during those battles, among other possessions, and was forced into homelessness by the corrupt authorities in those counties on more than one occasion. If you support the arts and sciences and disdain public corruption, please consider donating to me via PayPal or supporting me on Patreon. All donations will go toward funding my school career and giving me more time to create content.